Video Of Tesla Model 3 In Burbank


Just another typical Model 3 sighting? Maybe. Maybe not.

This particular Tesla Model 3 was sighted in Burbank, California (right in front of Tesla’s Burbank Service Center), which is close to the Tesla Design Center that often hosts the automaker’s big reveal events.

The reveal for the Model 3 is right around the corner, so there’s a chance it seems that this particular Model 3 could be one of the reveal cars.

Nobody knows for sure though.

The final reveal of the Model 3 in full production form will take place sometime in July.

Source: Model 3 Owners Club On Twitter

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Love it (except for those wheels). Unless they are super functional (possibly a noticeable range improvement), I’d swap them out pretty quick.

George Bower

I don’t have anything to say but i got to say it before kdawg.grin


Not even a mother could love those…

They are similar in style to what the 2016 eGolf has.


And the Soul EV, both of which look a lot better than these.


I would put them on my leaf in a heartbeat.


I love the wheels – precisely because they are lower drag. Wheels and wheel openings can contribute 20-40% of the total drag. The “turbine” spokes on many Tesla wheels are churning the air quite a bit.

Tesla has said they are aiming for a Cd of 0.22 – or at least they want to improve on the already excellent 0.24 of the Model S. Lower Cd means more range from a given battery capacity.

Lower Cd = longer range for free.


I’m curious what the real world impact is on these wheels.

If it is significant, then I could live with them. Otherwise I prefer the look of Model S style wheels and the other Model 3 wheels.

But if were talking an extra 20 miles of highway range… then yeah.


Reminds me of something.
(This was a high efficiency version release approx. 2008)


Doc Brown came back from the future to deliver a Model 3. Great Scott!

philip d

We now know what Musk was referring to when he said the new CCS 350 kW charging rate was “child’s play”. Model 3 uses plutonium!


Doc Brown. Ha Ha. LOL.


I don’t think he got it up to 88 MPH.


With this misaligned panels, hope it is not a reveal car.


That’s a feature, not a problem.


I don’t think that this particular Model 3 will be at the reveal event. Those panel gaps on these test vehicles certainly would be an embarrassment for Tesla.


This is a troubling omen, when the Snapon tool truck is pulling up curbside, and the Tesla Model 3 is pulling up in a hurry into the Service entrance. With the cadre of Musk Maintenance Minions surrounding the vehicle, as it enters the Tesla Tunnel, I hope they are acting as Security, for a safe buffer zone, for us rabid impatient Tesla “wanna be in a Model 3”, drooling masses.


Just like everyone else, they’re probably keen to take a look at the Model 3.
If the wheels were silver,I bet nobody would comment on them. Same if they were on a black or dark coloured car.

Mister G

I’ll take it for $35k and monthly payment under $500.


Was that a drivetrain clunk I heard? I kid, I kid!


What is the silver at the bottom behind the rear door?


Are those the wimpy wheels I keep hearing about?

Mad at Elon

Ugliest wheels on earth! I will be pissed if that’s why 18″ standard wheels. They’re basically forcing people to upgrade to 19″


No comment on the tape on bottom of the rear quarter panel? Mmmmm.
Those wheels are definitely not for me, i’ll take the hit on range.
So, the wheels are not for me, the interior is not for me (Yeah, i still think this is NOT the real interior. Some kind of HUD or Tesla display will be revealed at the reveal. Not letting go of that bone!).
that will indeed be a very short reveal if everything stays like it is.
I guess i’m more ”Y” than ”3” then.


I am actually all for smaller more aerodynamic wheels as a cheap way to get better range, a better ride and less expensive tire replacements. Bring on the 17 inch manhole covers as an option at least. To me it certainly makes more sense than Dual Motor as a way to get more range given Dual Motor on the S75 nets a whole ~9 miles of range at 70 MPH for ~$5 grand.


“The reveal for the Model 3 is right around the corner, so there’s a chance it seems that this particular Model 3 could be one of the reveal cars.

“Nobody knows for sure though.”

Nobody? I beg to differ! I don’t need to be Carnak the Magnificent to predict that the actual cars used in the reveal won’t be seen driving around in public before the event!


Did Homer Simpson design those wheels ?.


The man is an engineer in a Nuclear Power Plant. He also is an ex-astronaut. I trust him 😀