Watch Tesla Model 3 Autopilot Avoid Dangerous Side Collision: Video


Tesla Autopilot saves the day yet again.

It seems not a day goes by without Tesla Autopilot preventing some sort of possible collision.

This video captures a Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot that moves out of the way of a car that was close to colliding with it after crossing lanes.

This is a bit different from those automatic emergency braking saves we’ve seen where Teslas stop themselves to prevent what could’ve been horrific crashes.

However, what’s obvious once again here is that Teslas can react to these virtually unseen cars that come out of seemingly nowhere. And yes, the Tesla seems to be far better at reacting than a human driver in these rather unusual situations.

Watch the accident avoidance video here and let us know if you think you could’ve done a better job than the Tesla on Autopilot.

Video description:

While driving my Tesla Model 3 with Enhanced Auto Pilot and Navigate on Autopilot turned on, it identified a vehicle coming from the right lane and avoided a collision. It also assisted in getting my vehicle under control and back in the lane after over corrections I made.

My day could have ended up totally different for me and my family if I didn’t own a Tesla. Thank you Tesla!

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The right repeater view would have been really helpful in this case. My tests show that although the resolution is not the best, it does provide a good view.


Nicely done.

Huge props to AutoPilot!

What would we do without you ?

I think that sort of maneuver needs an update to Autopilot to automatically lay on the horn for such jerk moves.

Naw! Just a Laser Version of a Ben Hur Chariot Spoke Cutter!

Horns will generally agitate the situation

The camera view angle is much narrower than the driver’s eye sight. The driver saw it coming also.
But not all driver’s would have been able to react to it properly.

The AP didnt used front camera, but one of the side ones. So no, the driver probably didnt saw it coming.

After watching this multiple times, I think the Tesla driver just might have been a wee bit lazy on his mirror scans causing the Tesla driver not being cognizant of constant changing surrounding traffic behind him. A common fault when two vehicles end up trying to merge into the same place. I think the guy that darted in front of the Tesla knew he had the Tesla cleared albeit close.

If there was a vehicle behind the Tesla in the far left lane, that person must be glad they had great brakes as the Tesla could have put them in the wall.

A good driver constantly scans their mirrors every 3 to 5 seconds, most people are not good drivers when it comes to mirror scans but like in an 18 wheeler for example, if you don’t, you’re going to eventually kill somebody.

There’s no evidence of a car to the left. It appears Autopilot only takes such evasive maneuvers out of its lane when it’s possible.

The Dodge Charger absolutely cut off the Tesla. It’s always better to fully monitor surroundings but that doesn’t shift responsibility away from a dangerous driver. If he had clipped the Tesla, that would have been a pretty serious crash.

What a load of crap! The only lazy driver here is the idiot “driving” that Dodge. I bet he doesn’t even know the car has a turn signal.

Hmm.. Just got into a forward collision accident with my model 3 and its been in the shop for a month and a half. Thought emergency brakes would kick in but either it didn’t or me stepping on the brakes cancelled the emergency brake. Thinking maybe it’ll be a different story if I have had autopilot on. Car has saved me a couple times though as well as the forward collision sensors would beep erratically if I get too close go the car ahead of me. There are also times when in autopilot and going in between two cars and the freeway lines have been eroded the car almost veered into one of the cars. Haven’t been jn that same situation again and hoping that new updates have fixed it. Also becareful of cars merging from a side ramp onto the freeway. Otherwise autopilots been terrific. Its work 90% of the time. Example going off ramp and stopping at a red light if there is one. Local works on straight roads if there are cars ahead of you as it won’t stop at red lights unless coming off from a freeway ramp, stop signs etc. also doesnt work

“…me stepping on the brakes cancelled the emergency brake.”

Yes. In a Tesla, stepping on the brakes, even lightly, cancels automatic emergency braking (AEB). That’s not a good design. Other manufacturers’ AEB systems continue to apply full force to the brakes when the driver steps on the brakes. Tesla does the complete opposite and disengages AEB

That has to do with Codimg /

Tesla should fix that stat ‼️

I wonder why jurisdictions don’t support a “remote citation“ if video proof is provided. They could make a ton of money and do it all from a desk. I see a startup opportunity!

Texas State Highway 358 – West

Just another day on SPID (South Padre Island Drive)!

There is no reverse view, so we can only speculate on what the Charger driver saw. Here is my take:

It appears that the Tesla driver changed lanes into the overtaking Charger’s intended path. It is common to cut close to a situationally unaware driver so they wake up and pay attention.

Riding in the far left lane for no reason and at a slower speed than traffic will tick people off. Even if the slower car is running at the speed limit.

It really looks like the Tesla merged into where he should not of. The Charger looked like he was giving space to the truck so it wouldn’t end up in the exit only lane.

The Tesla is like the little old lady that just drives away not realizing all the carnage she caused behind her. lol

That portion of freeway has too many entrance/exits for its length and has been the subject of DOT studies but so far none have suggested closing some of them.

The Tesla is in that Lane for a good 3sec before the Charger cuts in. Judging how fast the Charger is going, they could have come from anywhere, there is no idea from the lack of rear vision. Maybe the Charger was all the way over on the right lane, then cut all the way to the left because they know the lanes merge. They cut in without indicators, move to the right (without indicators) so it is possible they are just a dick driver, in a hurry, not really caring who they force out of the path. Fact they didn’t indicate gives support to that theory. The Tesla driver could have done all the correct checks, and without the indicators, they didn’t know the Charger was changing lanes.
So my take, without any other confirmation, the Charger was aggressively changing lanes, probably two lanes in this case, without indicators. Tesla just driving normally. Don’t make excuses for the Charger, they got brakes, they could have slowed down until the passing opportunity was safer. They certainly were not in the lane for at least 3sec after the Tesla moved into that lane, and Tesla is going faster than the other vehicles.


These seamingly ridiculous videos are getting old fast.

This kind of stuff happens daily in and around every major metropolitan city.

So you’re saying every car on the road has 8 cameras and ultrasonics around the whole car with an advanced neural network AI computer that allows them to monitor surrounding traffic and road conditions, reacting in milliseconds to constantly changing variables? Well gosh, I thought that was only Tesla.

I never said any of that.

It’s just drama.


Seems everything in our lives is just drama. Watch the news? Seen reality TV shows? So much drama everywhere we look, why should FB be any different, or these reports (in an EV forum, where Tesla is doing 100x more than any other EV) be any different?
Why don’t we see things from other EV’s? Is it because there is nothing to see? Their owners are not excited by their EV enough to post it (or their EV is so boring there is nothing to report)? Sorry if Tesla, and their owners, are the only game in town that actually has something to share/say.