This Tesla Model 3 Has 2 Different Front Seats: Video


A little bit of Generation 1 mixed in with some Generation 2.

Now, this isn’t something you see everyday. Turns out this Tesla Model 3 has two different styles of front seats.

Some Gen 1 and Gen 2 in the mix probably makes for a very rare Model 3.

Tesla seats are constantly evolving. In fact, the seats change so often it’s hard to keep up with what’s current. It’s not just the Model 3, either. The Model S has gone through several seat iterations too.

Even with that though, we’ll admit that this occurrence here is likely as rare as that mismatched Model 3 door panel spotted long ago.

But how did the car end up with these mismatched seats? Watch the video to find out.

Video description:

How I have two different seats in my Tesla Model 3.

Tesla changed the seats and because of a repair I have both.


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“Watch the video to find out.”
Dude had a faulty seat, they replaced it with new stock.
Saved you five minutes of your life

This does highlight some of the problems with having a rolling configuration evolution in the vehicle instead of locking down all the details by model year. A robust CM tool is required to make sure this kind of stuff doesn’t happen, tracking the parts originally installed at the VIN-specific level instead of by model year.

Is this really a problem?

Imagine if they had added a small stripe of color, then yes it would be so obvious as to be a problem, particularly for resale. Should they swap out both seats? possibly

They are going to swap the set.

Agree, yak, yak, yak.

Jamez, you extended my life.

Good thing Tesla is going to also replace the Front Passenger seat because the current one has head rest stains.

Maybe a little too much Soul Glo?

That’s what they call human interaction , And, “Attention To Detail” .Makes me wonder.. * 🙁 *

I had the same issue and was in the same situation for a couple months. Driver seat had a mechanical issue, and by the time they could replace it there were no gen1 seats left. They replaced the passenger seat to match a month or two later once one was available. The biggest headache was getting the seats as they are in high demand at the factory.