Tesla Model 3 0-60 MPH Dash In Chill Mode: Video


Let’s chill out a bit for this run.

For when all-out speed isn’t of the essence, the Tesla Model 3 offers a special mode. Called Chill Mode, it dials back the performance of the Model 3 to more normal levels.

It’s not like the Model 3 is slow in this mode, it’s just not blazing quick like it usually is. That’s fine for those times when you just want to chill though.

And as the video clearly depicts, this is the only method for making the Model 3 Performance kinda slow. In other modes it’s insanely fast, but we all know that by now. Chill Mode isn’t unique to the Model 3. It’s offered on the Model S and X too.

Wanna see a slow-ish Model 3? Sit back, relax and chill with us as we watch the Model 3 roll to 60 MPH in Chill Mode.

Video description:

I’ve done a lot of 0-60 testing in a Tesla Model 3 Performance. Well here is a heavily requested test. 0-60 in a Performance Model 3 with Chill Mode on! Painfully slow.


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Chill mode probably also good to reduce tire wear.

Sounds like it would be a more sedate driving experience, keep the blood pressure under control. I find in my EV when I’m in Sport mode I drive more aggressively, so Chill mode sounds like it will be just perfect. And I can always easily change it back when I want to get that crazy experience.

“Sedate” driving is also the luxury / limo driving experience.
The smoothness of the electric power plant is enhanced when you turn down the power.

You should test chill mode on a long drive.
It’ll probably give you at least .2 mile per kWh if not more.

That’s the BMW i3 experience, tuning down the electric motor response gives you a definite 10%+ range boost.

someone plz post the result in seconds so others don’t have to watch the video.

6.68s in chill mode. This is a performance M3, wonder if numbers will be different for a MR M3

Chill is still faster than my i3…

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That’s still significantly faster than my ICE car.

I’ve been driving my Model 3 mid range in “Chill” since i got it. It’s still way faster than my Leaf is in normal mode. The only time i turn off “Chill” is when someone asks to see how fast the car is. And yes, even the lowly Model 3 mid range is still quick compared to ice cars. It’s not blazingly fast like the 3 performance or 3 AWD but it’s more than adequate.

So chill mode on the Model 3 Performance = standard (non-boost) acceleration in the Audi eTron. How embarrassing for Audi.

Chill mode is still faster than most EVs on the market today… (except for Bolt or iPace).

That is just laughable for the rest of the EV makers…

I have always loved the statement that Elon said during the Model 3 reveal “Tesla don’t make slow cars”. =)

I would rather have more range than supercar performance. Also concerned about safety when everyone used to driving ordinary cars gets supercar performance.

Chill mode will be good to keep you on the right side of all the ‘average speed’ cameras here in my neck o the woods.

Could Tesla make a version of the model 3 that is locked in chill mode? Many people don’t need that much power, but would appreciate the lower insurance costs that come with a less powerful car.