Video: Tesla in Lead to Win Yahoo! Finance 2013 “Company of the Year” Award


Company of the Year.”

Will Tesla Win?

Will Tesla Win?

That’s the title Tesla Motors is gunning for over at Yahoo! Finance and the electric automaker is in the lead…by a substantial margin.

Tesla, Boeing, Microsoft.  That’s a rare league to be placed in.

Yahoo! Finance lets its readers decide on the “Company of the Year” and in its mid-term update, it’s Tesla Motors who’s in the lead.

As of July 15, here’s how it looked for the contenders for the award:

  • Tesla – 40%
  • Boeing – 19%
  • Microsoft – 10%
  • Kroger – 7%
  • LinkedIn – 7%
  • Best Buy – 6%
  • Western Digital – 4%
  • MetLife – 4%

Yes, Tesla is crushing the competition.

Yahoo Finance! isn’t too picky in regards to who can win its “Company of the Year” title.  Here’s the only criteria:

“The company should have increased its dividend payout since Jan. 1 (which Tesla does not issue); grew profits and revenue from the prior year; raised earnings or sales forecasts; has donated to charitable organizations or established charitable foundations.”

Still, it seems there’s no way Tesla will lose this one.  Wanna vote?  Follow this link to find out how.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

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What have they donated to charitable organizations?

Tesla pays dividends?

Weren’t they supposed to be a loser?