Video: Tesla Gives Us The Walk-Thru Treatment On Their Cutting Edge, 17″ Touchscreen


Most Tesla Model S drivers already know that the electric sedan’s touchscreen center console is pretty cool, but now Tesla has put together a little walk-through video to show off its bells and whistles to everyone.

  • C'mon, You Know You Want To Try It

    C’mon, You Know You Want To Try It Out

    17″ touchscreen

  • real time display and status of the car’s in use options
  • interactive control of panoramic roof
  • ability to manually adjust the active air suspension (if equipped)
  • climate control
  • “second to none” media player
  • Internet connect-ability
  • “next level” GPS
  • Energy apps – all the metrics about efficiency one could want
  • industry first HD back-up camera (with tech package)
  • voice commands can operate most functions, as wheel as steering wheel control to access up to 4 apps

tesla model s touchscreen dash


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4 Comments on "Video: Tesla Gives Us The Walk-Thru Treatment On Their Cutting Edge, 17″ Touchscreen"

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I love the Model S Touchscreen center console. I think the future “entry level Tesla EV” could have a smaller console like the one in the car that appears in the Corning Glass video (2:03)


I like the graphics, but the screen seems a little too big. It’s almost like it doesn’t belong, as if someone took a giant iPad and glued it to the dash.

Can the voice commands control the temp? I’d love to be able to say, “set temp to 75 degrees”, and it just happens, no scrolling. Or “air-conditioning on”, without going through a bunch of menus.

Also, if the screen breaks/quits/whatever, is the car still operable?

I don’t know about the extent of voice commands.
If the screen freezes or whatever, then according to Tesla people in their showroom, it won’t affect the driving functions of the car. Apparently they are different systems.

Sitting in the car, it felt the screen size was natural, given that few physical controls are present. And the screen is segmented at most times with the menu navigation at the top, and climate controls at bottom, so it doesn’t look like one big screen, unless you are using the maps function when you want it to be big.

I want one!