Tesla Autonomous Possibilities Flick Is Inspiring

NOV 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

“You gave me hope to keep exploring”

Here we have a beautiful short movie from Troy Nikolic about the endless possibilities to influence lives with autonomous driving.

Currently, we are not yet able to drive autonomously, but the first such cars should be able to within several years and it really could change peoples lives and open the world for them.

The video includes Tesla as an example vehicle that could take a passenger for a ride as Tesla, with its advanced driver assist system – Tesla Autopilot – is seen as a pioneer for the upcoming full self-driving cars.

“I wrote and directed this branded short to showcase the potential of autonomous driving vehicles. I believe in the future of autonomous driving and if I can show people, even for one second, that there may be some inspiring or practical uses of the technology, then that’s wonderful.

I hope you enjoy what I and some very talented friends/ creators made with this short film.”

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Nicely done!

Steve Mahan, who is also blind, rode by himself for 10 minutes in a Google prototype car on the streets of Austin, TX in 2015:

He also manned the “driver’s seat” of some of their earlier prototypes, but with a Google employee onboard. This was his first solo trip and the first truly autonomous drive on public roads by anyone, making him the Neil Armstrong of self-driving cars.

You can download a longer video from Waymo’s press page, but the video wouldn’t play on my PC.

With full autonomy there’s no reason to own a car at all. Certainly not an expensive Tesla MS.

Some people said something similar a hundred years ago for the Model T.

Really?..and where are they today?

The equivalent analogy was people owning horses when the car became available. The horse ownership model quickly disappeared.

Makes no sense at all. Having a robot chauffeur who works for free will make owning a personal car more attractive, not less!

Just think of all those people unable to drive themselves, due to age and/or disability, and unable to afford a chauffeur, who will be able to get the car to drive them around.

Robotaxis are cheaper, especially in urban areas with paid parking.

Really? Because it will basically be Uber or Lyft without the driver and certainly those two services have become super successful. Many young people don’t even want to own a car now. That trend will spread to the greater population once full autonomy is available.

Ride sharing makes a lot of sense in an urban area where costs of ownership are high and a ride sharing service can be summoned quickly. For people in the suburbs and rural areas, ride sharing is a lot less compelling…where I live, I typically have to wait 30 minutes or more for an Uber/Lyft car; I have a garage, so parking isn’t an issue. I frequently have to travel a couple of hours out of town. For people like me, ownership will probably always be a better solution than ride sharing.

Obviously the vehicle density in rural areas does not fit the AV service model. Anywhere that you can currently call a cab or an Uber are the places this will take off. Personally I might still own a car, but it won’t be for regular driving it will be a dedicated track car much in the same way that a city person might keep a horse out in the country for weekend riding.