Video: Surprise…It’s Just $2.50 to Fuel the Volt


With “16 hidden cameras, 1 fake attendant, and a whole lot of surprises…The long range electric Volt can show you the true Power of $2.50.”

It's Only $2.50 to "Fuel" the Holden Volt

It’s Only $2.50 to “Fuel” the Holden Volt

That’s the premise behind the latest Holden Volt advertising campaign.

No, it’s not $80 to refuel the Chevrolet Volt’s Australian sibling.  It’s not $50.   It’s just $2.50 to “refuel” the Holden Volt.

Watch the priceless expressions of several customers who are shocked to learn that instead of paying $50, $60 or even $80, their total bill is only $2.50.

It’s a marketing pitch put on by Holden in Australia, where Volt sales are virtually non-existent, but maybe this advertisement, where Holden foots fuel bills at a real gas station, will remind Australians that operating costs of the Volt can be incredibly low.

Holden has to pitch its Volt in this way, because sticker shock (the Holden Volt costs an astronomical $59,990 or $63,000 in US dollars plus on-road fees) will surely deter most potential buyers.

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I loved that video! Great promotion Holden!

Not really a good ad. Holden’s having the same issues GM had
for two years until they FINALLY found “Electric When You Want
It, Gas When You Need It!” – and some effective real Volt buyer

This ad from Down Unda just doesn’t tell the Australian public how
Volt works – So, like here…folks assume it’s an electric car. This
ad is like a stepping stone but doesn’t give folks enough info.

This and Volt ads here had people at the water cooler saying –
“pppphht – yeah but it’s 40 grand and you go 40 miles then
you’re stranded!”…. Even a early Volt owner in a posh
neighborhood had his neighbor in an Audi stop at the foot of
his driveway and shout – “yeah, so now your green Bob, but
I’ll drive by you when you’re stranded by the side of the road!”

All auto manufacturers struggle to sell an electric model
( except Tesla ) because they make all their profits on
cars that use tons of gas. In other words, “you can’t cut
off your nose to spite your face”, as grandma used to

If you push your EREV, PHEV or BEV too much in ads –
they start to make your ICE dinosaurs look bad. So what
most do is come up with cutesie, gimmicky ads ( see
Chevy’s alien Superbowl Volt ad, or the odd “so why are
you at a gas station?” attempts ). Nissan even went so
far as to not jab regular cars, but toss out an insult to
a CHEVY VOLT parked at a gas pump in one ad!
…It’s like an unpopular kid poking fun at the chess club
because if he poked at the football team he’d be even
more unpopular!

I hope Tesla makes enough money to run som expensive
primetime TV spots. In those, they can just BASH
ICE cars all they want and say it like it is, i.e.: “This car
does what those other cars can’t” – and list the benefits.

Good gawd!

$63k for a Volt?!?
I’d sure like to know how many sell down there.