Video: Stealing a Tesla Model S Ain’t Easy; Getting Away With It Is Near Impossible


There are some who believe that the Tesla Model S, with its self-presenting doors handles that pop out when the key fob is nearby, would be an easy target for thieves.

Not Worth it to Even Try to Steal Me

Not Worth it to Even Try to Steal Me

Well…is it?

While it’s true that experienced thieves can steal practically anything, the Model S isn’t an easy target.

As this video shows, those self-presenting door handles don’t present unless the fob is within feet of the Model S and even if it somehow gets stolen, all Model S sedans are trackable “down to the foot,” according to the maker of the video.

Let’s spread the word to would-be Model S thieves.

Why?  Well, it’s definitely better to let them know now that they’ll be found then to have them smash up a Model S to gain entry/use only to discover that they’ll never get away with it.


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Ocean Railroader

I really think when someone figures out how to steal this thing they are not going to use a crow bar but a smart phone and hack into the car’s on board systems and start it up. Then they will use their phone like a giant model race track toy and have it delivered to their place with out ever having to leave their computer.


While the scenario you paint seems a little far-fetched, I also think that the car’s security weaknesses lie in its large amount of software and connectivity.

Some shortcomings have been shown already:


More likely is that someone will find a way to spoof the FOB in the first place. Once you can do that, the driver can be far away. Although I did hear a story once about some kind of amplifier that you positioned between the car and the driver and made the car think the FOB was much closer than it really was, allowing entry to vehicle. It wasn’t a Tesla but still, seems like it could be adapted.


Yes, relay attacks are effective against passive keyless entry/start systems. Not only one can enter the car this way, but also start it. I see no reason why the Model S would be an exception.


The key fob got scratched with this video


Why must a thief open a car door to steal the car?

Tesla Fan

I want to see someone drop a Model S off in the hood and see what the guys try to do LOL

Dan Frederiksen

The easiest way seems to be to steal the key.. and then it needs some modification of the electronics. But it would be hard to sell it. Crime doesn’t pay anyway but I’m not sure the Tesla is particularly safe from theft.