Video: SRI EV1 Electric Competes in Off-Road Mexican 1,000 Race


1,000 miles of desert.

SRI EV1 Off-Road Electric Racer

SRI EV1 Off-Road Electric Racer

750 pound-feet of torque.

535 horsepower.

Top speed of 125 mph.

Battery capacity of 82 kWh.

Battery pack weight of 1,950 pounds.

60 miles of off-road, pedal-to-the-metal range.



Yes, it’s a beast of a machine and it’s the work of the Strategic Recovery Institute (SRI): a California-based non-profit focused on sustainable design.

Inspiration for SRI EV1 came from U.S. Army Lt. Gen James Pillsbury (Ret) who asked teams to “Design, build and race an all-electric car in the 2012 SCORE Baja 1000.”  The General was seeking a solution to the US military’s foreign-theater-operations fuel bill, which he says comes in at roughly $400 per gallon.

The result, for SRI, was the off-road, go-anywhere EV1.

Team SRI is currently racing the EV1 at the NOORA Mexican 1000, which runs from April 27 through May 1.

The “refueling” issue for such a lengthy event has been “solved” by SRI’s trailer-mounted Perkins Diesel generator, which recharges the EV1 in five hours.

What’s truly amazing is that this 5,000-pound machine show no signs on being burdened by its electricness.  It tackles all of the terrain thrown in its way and is only stopped when its juice runs out.

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5 Comments on "Video: SRI EV1 Electric Competes in Off-Road Mexican 1,000 Race"

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I wonder what range does it have?

From the video; 100 mile range, 5hr recharge time.

If the idea is to use something to replace the $400/gal fuel, why are they charging it with diesel?

That’s a prototype charging start. Army/Marines are all developing solar PV and integrated small wind + battery systems for forward operating bases.

Done right these stations solve the fuel problem and save lives by reducing the number of convoys needed to sustain a FOB

GM has not flipped out about them using the name EV1? Wonder if they are just afraid to address it?