Video: Smart Fourjoy Shocks Us in Frankfurt


If you look closely (real closely and with an keen ability to separate concept from actuality) you will see appear before you the upcoming Smart Forfour in this concept Fourjoy.

Fourjoy is a Real Shocker

Fourjoy is a Real Shocker

Though it’s obvious that this shocking Fourjoy concept is purely that, the bits underneath are what you’ll discover when the Forfour launches in 2015.

The dimensions of 137.6 inches long, 77.9 inches wide and 58.8 inches high found on this concept will be within a few hairs of the production Forfour.

The basic layout will stay the same too, with the Forfour sporting rear-wheel-drive, just as the Fourjoy concept does.

The Fourjoy concept features the same 55 kW electric motor and 17.6-kWh lithium-ion battery found in the Smart Fortwo ED.

Though we can’t confirm that this setup will make it to the production Forfour, we can all but guarantee that we will see an electric Forfour in the future, perhaps as soon as late 2015.

Let’s us now turn our attention to that video, which shows the shocking Fourjoy in all its glory.

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Lots of cool concept stuff. Those seats look pretty cool but I question their ergonomics.

This one even looks like an unrefurbished golf carts altogether.

Looks perfect for Justin Bieber.

I would like to see them come out with an electric Smart Roadster. Watched an old episode of Top Gear the other day and they were talking about the ICE Roadster and it seemed like some of the downside could be fixed with electric drive.