Video: Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Tridion Safety Cell Can Support a 7,000 Pound SUV Too


We stumbled across this behind-the-scenes video showing off the Smart Fortwo’s tridion safety cell and figured why not share it with electric vehicle world.

Smart Tridion Safety Cell

Smart Tridion Safety Cell

When this video first appeared, the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive (then in its 2nd generation) wasn’t on anyone’s radar (mostly because it was way overpriced and awful).

Now, more and more Smart Fortwo Electric Drives are being sold (the 3rd generation model is much improved and way cheaper).

So, why not show off what makes the Fortwo ED 4-star (in NHTSA testing) safe?

The tridion safety cell found on the conventional Fortwo is identical to the one employed in the Electric Drive version, so if you’ve ever wondered how strong the cell is in the ED, then this video shows that.

This behind-the-scenes looks proves that the Smart commercial is no hoax.  The tridion cell can indeed support a massive SUV and that same safety cell is found tucked under the bodywork of every electric Fortwo for sale today.

Just some safety reassurance for you.

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only below aberage iq ignorant lames worry about the smarts safety, while us smart owners drive around enjoying one of the most enjoyable cars to drive in the world worry free.

Your post is dripping in irony.

Yes. But here in central Virginia, the local Smart dealer’s site still says the ED is “coming soon.” After three years, it’s sounding a little hollow.

There’s much “Sleight of Hand” going on here. A car “Safety Cell” must be able to hold many times this weight if it is going to survive the dynamics of a rollover.

These demonstrations make as much sense as putting a hammer on top of a nail head, and then claiming that the wood is ‘nail resistant’ since the stationary hammer’s weight doesn’t pierce the pine.

Reminds me of the Sunoco commercials from 40 years ago that showed a full size car totally encased in ICE !!!!!! And the car still Started!!!!!

(32 degrees is hot in buffalo ny… Maybe they should have encased it in a block of Dry Ice).