Video: Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Goes Offroading


There’s no logical reason for taking a Smart Fortwo Electric Drive on an off-roading excursion, but that hasn’t prevent Smart from doing precisely that.

Smart ED Goes Off Road

Smart ED Goes Off Road

As Smart says:

“What happens when the all-new smart electric drive goes off-roading? Exactly what you’d expect. But don’t sweat it. We know what smarts are best at, and we’re not afraid to show it.”

We get it.  The Fortwo Electric Drive is as at home on the off-road trail as a monster SUV is in a crowded city.  Makes sense to us and a chuckle or two might have sneaked out while watching the clip, too.

We love Smart’s humor, even if it’s somewhat directed at itself.  How ’bout you?

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8 Comments on "Video: Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Goes Offroading"

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When it got stuck on that rock, classic! I thought it was funny and clever the first time I saw it.

Yeah, I agree, that is funny.

Wow I’d like to see the rest of that video when it tumbles off the rock.
New real world crash test.


Best car ad ever!!

Well, I’d love to see that … oceanlin … SUV try going over that rock!

The Smart EV at least has a short wheelbase and short overhangs. Which in many ways is better than the SUV, in either environment.


A sense of humor is so rare these days 🙂

pretty funny smarts are cool (the new ones that is)

This actually is a funny ad. Well done!