Video: Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Coupe + Cabriolet On Display


The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is perhaps the most overlooked EV available in the US.

Smart ED Peaks Out

Smart ED Peaks Out

That should change soon though as the Fortwo ED will be available nationwide next month.

This added availability will no doubt spark interest in America’s cheapest EV.

For that reason, we present video of the Fortwo ED that was on display at the 2014 NAIAS.

Additionally, those seeking a convertible electric in the US have only one choice: Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Cabriolet.

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4 Comments on "Video: Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Coupe + Cabriolet On Display"

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Saw a blue one w/ black Tridion cell accents in Washington DC just this week. Looked sharp!

As a past owner of a Smart Cab. I can say that these should be quite popular if they are made readily available for test rides and leasing/buying.

I used to tell people that they should call them Easy cars vs. Smart cars because EVERYTHING is easy (and fun) with it. That was for an ICE version…!!

If I wasn’t so keen on getting the BMW i3, then I’d certainly consider the Smart EV soft top as my next car!!

got a compliment from a guy in a brown model s on the road, he loved my car

5183 miles, almost 6 months of ownership, not a single problem, car has bee flawless and an absolute complete blast, definitely the most underrated EV on the market, this mini electric mercedes is an amazing little car. I dont even use any cargo room, its a straight commuter and joy ride car for me, nothing but perfect. Love it. highly recommended.

A worthy EV embassador, let alone a Smart car embassador!