Sliding In The Snow In A Tesla Model 3 Performance: Video


Slipping and sliding around in the slick snow.

What could be more fun. Provided you’re in a fairly safe location to perform such a stunt, like an empty lot, we see little harm here.

It’s not likely the Model 3 will roll. This is due to its extremely low center of gravity from the battery pack.

Watch as this Tesla Model 3 Performance slide to and fro on the white stuff. The video is shot from several changing angles, which makes for an interesting watch.

As a bonus, check out some extreme Tesla winter testing footage here (includes Model S, Model X and Model 3).

Video description:

This is a Performance Model 3 without Track Mode.

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6 Comments on "Sliding In The Snow In A Tesla Model 3 Performance: Video"

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Boring. Looks like they don’t have track mode.

Winter tyres? Didn’t hear!

That cover picture looks just like one of the alien signs from Arrival! Took me a while to figure out what was going on.

That was a really good movie.

Riding on summer tires in the snow? Perfectly! Drive onto a public road and in the very near future we are waiting for your car with broken bumpers on Insurance Auto Auctions or Copart 🙂

It’s not a performance. It’s either a rwd or a de-badged awd. The performance has the red brake calipers. This has the grey ones that come standard.

More like someone driving in the snow, slowly. Is IEV that desperate for content?