Video Shows New Fold-Flat Second Row Seats In Action On 7-Seat Tesla Model X


The 7-seat version of the Tesla Model X just recently became available with fold-flat second-row seats and now there’s video showing those seats in action.

If you’ve been holding out on ordering a Model X until the arrival of the fold-flat-second-row, 7-seat version, then your wait is over.

Tesla Recently updated its Model X ordering site to include the new seven-seat, fold-flat-second-row interior. It’s optional and will cost you $3,000, but if you’re opting for the 7-seat X, then getting the fold-flat, second-row seats seems like a no-brainer.

Of the new fold-flat seats, Tesla states

“Maximize passenger and cargo capacity with seating for seven adults. Second and third row seats can fold flat when not in use, creating extra interior cargo space.”

With both rows of rear seating folded down, the Model X has 88.0 ft³ of claimed cargo capacity. That’s best-in-class, according to Tesla.

60/40 Split

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Nice. I want one.

He gets his count wrong when folding down the 40 side. If you have two seats in the 2nd row and 2 in the front you can put in 4 people while carrying long items, not 5.

These seats look great, are simple to use, don’t involve any waiting for the seats to move forward slowly to get in back. The previous system just seems unnecessarily complicated compared to this one.

You are good at counting. ( I did miss that point).

Agree also that this is the way a good practical car design should be.

“for internal use only”. Haha.

Good, this should of been the in the base MX from the start and the monopost seats as an option for later.

Next – introduction normal doors! Falcon wings are just waste of coins.

Next 8 seat Model X with 3-3-2 configuration

definitely a good video.

They should have added how the 6 seat version works. I believe they still have the tilting pedestal seats in the second row. So I guess the 6 seat version is unchanged.

The seats may fold flat, but they still don’t fold flush to the floor behind the second-row seats. There’s plenty of empty space under the second-row seat to allow the them to fold flush, like in other automaker’s CUVs. On the Toyota Highlander the second-row seat bottom drops down to the floor to allow the seat back to fold flat and flush cargo floor. Why couldn’t Tesla engineer a second-row seat that folds flat and flush.

See Toyota Highlander video below at 0:44 seconds to see the seat bottom drop down:

Both of those setups seem to produce the same result me except for no remote drop on the Tesla.

In both cases the second row seats are “flat” but aren’t really level. The whole load floor ramps up from the tailgate forward. Both are flush with a horizontal gap where the hinge is.

In both cases the 2nd row is actually a little higher than the 3rd row, but the 3rd row is sloping upward so it meets up roughly. Maybe the slope is a little steeper on the Tesla but it’s not level in either case.

Yep, the Highlander’s looks the same as Tesla’s. The lower part of the seat stays in place while the upper folds over. In neither do the lower part of the seats actually descend like with the Chrysler mini-van “stow and go” seating, which is enabled by having a higher cabin floor (enabled by a higher roofline).

144 cu. ft. of space when the seats are dropped into the floor of the Grand Caravan!

Sven properly indicates that the bottom of the Highlander seat drops down a few cm when you fold the seat forward. But the seatback still doesn’t get to horizontal in either car. And the hinges don’t drop down at all. Both vehicles produce a ramped rear area. Not necessarily a bad one, but not flat like a Grand Caravan.

Necessary not only for the flat back utility, but to get away from how heavily motorized the seats were.

This is so much more practical than the previous seats.

Now, lets hope the seats on the Model 3 fold down. (yes I know its a sedan, not a hatch.. but still)

Way better! Should have been from day 1.

is that still a little step there?

Smart move.

Finally, a coffee table cargo capacity “Fold Flat” Tesla solution. Or, should I say a “Covfefe” cargo carrier.

This is now perfect.

However, this is the standard setup on EVERY other seven seat SUV on the market. How can this possibly be a $3000 option to add 2 third row seats?

I can’t even see why they would bother to offer the five seat version.

If now they could only get rid of the falcon doors or somehow turn them into minivan doors.

Checked Tesla site. The 7 seat configuration was a $4000 option, now $3000, not additional 3000.
The falcon doors are way better than minivan doors. Most who attack these doors never lived with them.

He means $3000 versus no 3rd row at all.

I don’t agree with the falcon doors being better than minivan doors.

I don’t own one, but I have lived with the doors. They have clearance problems with roofs in parking garages. Also they rob you of the ability to use roof racks. And for what? They don’t have as much opening as minivan doors and aside from that the 3rd row doesn’t have enough legroom to put adults into for more than short trips. And those doors are the reason for the windshield that goes up too high and leads to too much sun and glare.

Yes, but it’s still a 3k option, every other large SUV has7 seats as standard, even Pathfinders and Highlanders. I’m not saying it was dearer than before.

I bet Tesla sells considerable numbers of 5-seat Model X, so why not offer it as an option.

If I were buying one it’s what I’d want. I’d rather have the extra cargo space than the ability to carry 7 people, which I would practically never do.

The S is a better 5 seater.

More shoulder room in the 2nd row and you can have a roof rack. Cheaper too.

For all the people wanting the Model X to have doors like a minivan, and the seats to fold like a minivan, and third row leg room like a minivan, you should probably just buy a minivan.

That’s a great idea. Lighter. More space inside and out. And you can open and close the doors in your garage and get in and out without having to worry about the doors hitting the ceiling or having to duck under the only partially open doors (which is now the default).

Haha! Good point.

Alas, I want an electric minivan. In the same cost bracket as an ICE. You can keep the pony. 😀

Too bad the Pacifica plug-in is off to such an ill-fated start (as might of been expected from a company with such poor reliability history). Maybe Toyota will make a plug-in Sienna before long.