Video Round Up Of Latest Jaguar I-Pace Test Drive Reviews

JAN 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 32

Jaguar made available one of its I-PACE prototypes for  test rides in Los Angeles in December. The all-electric SUV is nearly a finished product (99% ready).

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

The final tests are conducted to tweak settings and software for improved driving feel.

With the test US test drives wrapped up last month, we are now waiting to see the final iteration of the Jaguar I-PACE without camouflage.

The build configurator and orders for the I-PACE will be available from March, while deliveries are expected to begin in mid-2018.

The demo rides with Fortune Magazine and Auto Express prove that the acceleration will be impressive. Jaguar also developed two regen modes – low and high (for one-pedal driving).

The electric Jaguar looks attractive.

“The Jaguar I-Pace is one of the most important vehicles to emerge from the British car maker in its 80-year history. With Tesla and BMW’s ‘i’ range in its sights, the striking EV will usher in a new dawn for Jaguar when the production version hits the streets in the second half of 2018. With an anticipated price tag of around £60,000 it will undercut the cheapest Tesla Model S, and after driving this near production-ready model in California, we’re certain the I-Pace is going to be a hit…”

Quick specs (concept):

  • 0-60 mph in ~4 seconds
  • AWD, 400 hp total and 516 lb-ft of torque (two 200 hp electric motors)
  • 220+ mile / 350 km all-electric range
  • liquid-cooled 90 kWh battery with cells from LG Chem
  • 23-inch wheels (pretty standard fare for a concept vehicle)
  • drag coefficient of 0.29
  • at least 50 kW DC fast charging with CCS Combo
  • Heat pump
  • class-leading regen – up to 150 kW
  • 5 seats
  • length: 184 inches, width: 74.4

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It is a nice looking car and it is great to see Tesla have some competition.

The specs seems to raise more issues than they answer. A drag coefficient of 0.29 versus 0.32 for the Bolt, yet it has comparable range with 50% larger battery. I know it has more frontal area, weight and wider tires, but not 50%. Is the efficiency really that bad?

How does Chevrolet lose money on the Bolt while the Jaguar could be profitable? If the Bolt costs 46,500 to build with a single motor, a battery that is only 2/3 the size and the sweetheart deal from LG on cells and electronics, then the dual motor Jag should cost more for a luxury car with significantly more capacity. Me thinks GM is BSing about their 9000$ loss.

Either the Jag engineers are a lot more efficient, read less man hour involved to do everything, or they count their costs differently. I doubt they are getting significantly better deal on parts.

Or it’s simply not true they will make money on their very first EV attempt …

It’s faster, bigger, two motors, weights a couple thousand lbs more, gosh I can’t imagine why.

Jag’s hallmark is the V12. I bet its got all the torque, and no heavier than that.

2k more than the Bolt which is 3200. So 5200 lbs or so which is the car the op was comparing it to.

Sigh. GM never said anything about a loss, let alone put a $ figure on it.

It was a single throwaway comment by a single “analyst” who has no inside info. He also didn’t say exactly what he meant by it — the Bolt obviously had a lot of upfront R&D costs. Over how many unit sales is he amortizing that cost? A year’s worth of sales? 3 years? GM has also said it will use the same platform for additional cars (next one will apparently be a Buick CUV).

If he meant the marginal production costs (components+assembly), he’s clearly wrong. No way GM is losing money on the production of each Bolt — they’re probably making a small profit.

It is apparently being asserted in a lawsuit in Europe against GM that they failed to reveal that the European version of the Bolt lost €10,000 per sale before selling their companies in Europe.

More like competition against gasoline powered small suvs. Tesla doesn’t have a smaller suv/cuv yet.

Nice soft touch finish materials on the dash … LOL

I’m sure everyone’s question is why just 220+ miles from 90 kWh when the comparable Model S 90D gets around 300?

I’ve always liked Jags but without the charging infrastructure and the lack of range, I would presume it will have to be VERY competitive price-wise.

Yeah, and when Model S/X refresh comes out it will be an even bigger lead for Tesla.

This has come up many times. The company always quotes the range as “at least 220 miles” but most expect it will easily surpass this. The Bolt initially stated “over 200 miles” and ended up at 238. I’m hopeful the I pace will be at least 250 if not 275 miles. When it comes to mileage, it seems better to underpromise and over deliver than vice versa.

Sorry to post twice, but you are right about the ace-in-the-hole charging network.
I’t quite amazing there really still no competition for Tesla for the space in which they compete, and now with the Model 3 they will crush the numbers in that segment too.

Not to say that Jag hasn’t made an effort and that this car, simply as car, is appealing and has the Jaguar cachet.
I give it a B-, and only cause Tesla keeps raising the curve.

Scuttlebutt has the Model (e)3 can charge at up to twice as fast as the S/X. Of course you would need the upgraded SC to get that.
It’s due to the new battery chemistry, and probably some other stuff. Improved wiring harness, less resistant materials. Anyway that’t the rumor.

That would be around 250 kW.

I’ll believe it when I see it. Even 130 kW would be a solid and unexpected improvement, which is ~100 miles in 10 min.

Any news on charging speed for final version?

All i could find was 59kW, which would it make DOA.


That is weird, the regen is 150 KW so the batteries can handle that power for a short time. It seems 100 KW should be do-able with the present hardware.

Already obsolete.

Still not done with the interior I see…

that’s the 1% left on the list to do

The critical question is price. If they can buy the important electric parts from LG Chem and have Magna Steyr build it and compete on price that is some serious magic.

flogging a dead horse here, but Jaguar really should partner with tesla and get access to their global supercharging network. This would be awesome for i-pace customers being able to drive long distance reliably from day one, and allow building out the supercharger network faster.

Sure, but Nissan has sold 300K LEAFs without a charging network, so it’s by no means a prerequisite for sales.

A LEAF is less than half the price of this, and 300k in 6+ years isn’t really a great accomplishment, especially with flat or negative growth in the last three years.

But I suspect Jaguar has low sales targets, so those will be met without a good charging network.

Leaf is a good, short-range city car that typically gets charged at home every nite, not a trip car. So it doesn’t need a fast-charge network along interstates.

Tesla’s “global” charger network is not very impressive in Europe.

The Electric whine is annoying. Hope they fix it for production.

Very noisy motor/gear drive, that’s worse than my Leaf. You basically don’t hear this motor whine in any Tesla videos, at least not as obvious as this, how that is one of the 1% things they are working on.
Is love to be able to buy that paint job, why are cars so bland?
Charging network aside, I think this will be a good seller for Jaguar. I’m not a fan of the artificial grill, the Leaf and Tesla EV front appeals to me, but others will like that traditional look.

Jason, I don’t like the look either. Especially the grill. But I am glad other people like it. The motor noise is very loud, they need to fix it. Maybe front panel is not closed properly yet. I really hope it sells well. We need more EVs from different brands.

Jaguar only ordered 26,000 battery pack from LG. Tesla has no reason to worry.

People will buy it. Even if it cost as much as the Model X. Even if it has no supercharger network. Even if it charges 3 times slower. Because there is not much to chose from. Because it is a Jaguar. Because some people do not trust Tesla as a new manufacturer. And that is fine. That is actually great! We have more and more EVs. And soon we can really chose.