Video: Robert Llewellyn Takes The Renault Zoe On An Extended Test Drive


This is the test drive we have secretly been waiting for.

Robert Llewellyn Takes Us For A Spin In A Renault Zoe

Robert Llewellyn Takes Us For A Spin In A Renault Zoe

Noted reviewer of all things electric in Europe, Robert Llewellyn, finally got his hands on one of the few EVs that we can’t, a brand new 2013 Renault Zoe (not available in the US), then takes it for a nice long extended test drive for his web-show, Fully Charged.

As well as a comprehensive review of Renault’s much in demand new electric offering, we also get a small tour of Portugal.

Mr. Llewellyn finds the new Zoe a small car as compared to the LEAF, and perhaps accelerations a little slower, but he says it does hold the road much better than Nissan’s EV, goes farther, charges faster, and you feel much more in control of the Zoe.

Other highlights:

  • good visibility
  • easy to drive
  • “cool” pedestrian sounds (under 30 km), with different selectable sounds, that you can also opt to turn off
  • “battery rental” is a good idea for not only piece of mind, but to ensure range remains acceptable long term, but can make the decision to purchase a Zoe a little more difficult if you don’t drive regularly
  • a rental service is included with purchase, where another car will be delivered to your place of residence when longer trips are needed
  • for public charging, the Renault Zoe has a “lock” function, so others can not unplug your vehicle when you are trying to fill-up

Overall, Robert seems to really enjoy his test drive experience.

If interested you can find out more about the 130 mile (NEDC – 90ish miles US EPA) all electric car here.  While the Zoe is already on sale in some parts of Europe now, it goes on sale in the UK in June for £13,650 ($20,725 USD) + battery rental of £70.

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Man up, Ghosn! Bring the Zoe to the USA!!

Zoe’s size is a non-starter in the US. It will fare worse than Leaf.

You need to read the battery rental agreement carefully, because you will not get a new battery until the capacity drops below 75%, which means a huge loss of range.

so they wont replace the battery when it drops 10%?.. dang!

So if you drive about 1000 miles a month, the battery lease should be ok compared to gas cost.
Renault has put down a marker for BEVs – if this car won’t sell, it really will take a big battery improvement to get EVs a good market share.

Not quite. That £70 or $100/mth price is for 7500 miles/year or 625 miles/mth. If you equate to a 40mpg car that would be 15.6gal or $6.40 per gallon. Seems to be the best deal with both lower and higher mileages at higher price. Must be a promo deal.

Battery Rental for Fluence Z.E. including VAT (with Assistance for all breakdowns) Mile/Year
Contract term* 6 000 9 000 12 000 15 000 18 000
36 months and over £76.00 £89.00 £103.00 £117.00 £133.00

Forgot to mention that gas is over $8/gal in GB/Europe, so this is a good deal there. You still have to factor in the price of the electricity. But, I think it is amazing that they were able to come up with a price that is very comparable to gas.

I think a similar lease arrangement would work well in North America.