Rivian R1T Pickup Truck & R1S Hit The Slopes At 11,000 Feet: Video


At home in the mountains.

The Rivian R1T electric truck and R1S electric SUV ventured out into the backcountry for a joyous ride.

Without a set script, it was quite simply a let’s see what’s out there type of drive.

Well, at 11,000 feet above sea level in the middle of winter, you can expect to encounter snow. Lots of it, in fact. And that’s precisely what was found. Powder for days, says Rivian.

The video is actually the conclusion of what began as an adventure out to Aspen, Colorado where both the R1T and R1S were displayed. Later, both of the adventure vehicles headed off on a journey, with Rivian dropping hints here and there of what was to come.

Well, the hints have now ended and this stunning clip is the end result. So, go ahead and watch it. It’s quite amazing.

Video description:

This past January, we made a short film. There was no script, no set, no actors. Just mountains as far as the eye could see, powder for days and the hut of our dreams, luring us 11,000 feet up above sea level.

We invited Ben Moon to bring a few friends, some cameras and several underlayers, and we filmed the magic that ensued as we headed off the grid, into the backcountry, in the R1T and R1S.

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Rivian makes beer commercials now?

It looks like they are all having a good time. Including the dog.l

And the car is growing on me. . Still have a problem with the headlights. . But it’s getting closer to normal. . The rest looks very practical.

One interesting aspect of EV’s in the back country is high elevation and rarefied air. EV’s don’t need oxygen to run.

Exactly, and ICE would lose roughly 33% of its horsepower at that elevation. An EV 0%. The less dense air means less air drag and better efficiency.

Really?! Are you an aeronautical engineer with a background in aerodynamics? An suv or truck has the same aerodynamics as a Rivian truck or suv. And if you’re attempting to equate engines losing horsepower at elevations, you’re talking out of your ass. EFI engines account for elevation changes electronically. You’re probably not familiar with manifold absolute pressure sensors that measure barometric pressures so the engine computer can adjust for elevation changes. But what do I know, I was leaning aerodynamics, brake mean effective pressures, density altitude, coefficient of lift and drag, et al back in high school…………

“Higher Altitude Means Less Power Reduced oxygen in high altitudes can lead to inefficient, sluggish engine performance because there is less air to feed the internal combustion engine. Generally speaking, an engine loses three percent of its rated power for every 1,000 feet of altitude gained.” Jiffy Lube

Haha… he quoted Jiffy Lube…

Not the best source, but it is accurate information.

Nice stat but jiffy lube is probably not your most credible source

Naturally aspirated engines lose power at altitude. EFI computers adjust fuel flow to maintain smooth, efficient engine operation:

Reduced air mass flow = Reduced fuel flow = Reduced power

Turbocharged and supercharged engines can maintain power output (to a point) by increasing boost to offset the reduced air density.

Yes, ‘to a point’ — Street Outlaw was there (Bandimere Speedway Colorado) and the altitude was not kind http://www.bandimere.com/tickets-schedule/event-details/2018/09/21/default-calendar/no-prep-race

Just ask any competitor on the Pikes Peak Hillclimb, yup combustion is harder with less dense air, and vehicles are not built to compress and work for those fairly specific altitudes.

On the intake stroke, the cylinder volume is unchanged, while the air is less dense. That means less air intake and less power. Sure the fuel management system keeps the fuel to air ratio correct, but doesn’t make up for less stuff to explode. – Mechanical Engineer

What are you talking about? Basic physics will tell you that air density decreases with elevation (approx 3% per 1000 ft), and unless you have some sort of forced induction on your engine you are going to lose power with elevation since you pump less air. Less air means less fuel and power (as a bonus your fuel economy is better at high elevations (assuming flat ground) as long as your car as EFI as you mention, or you replace your jets in your carb)

Forced induction of a turbo or supercharger can recover by pushing extra air in, but it has to work harder to do so the higher elevation you go. This is why many piston engine aircraft are forced induction.

Calling BS on you knowledge. While it may not be as bad as it once was, pressure sensors don’t make up for a lack of available oxygen. Without active boost, you WILL lose power at altitude.

What is even better is when you zoom past an ICE revving hard trying to keep up.

I have done that few times on US-50 and I-80 on the way to Tahoe. Once you pass 5,000 ft, the difference is very significant.

U in a Tesla??

Yup. My trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon would have resulted in a 20-30% efficiency loss in an ICE vehicle, but my Bolt EV was completely unaffected.

Interesting, making my 800 mile trip from Fort Worth, I had to travel in freezing weather over the Monarch Pass (12,000 ft). I noticed nothing in my 2012 F150.

If your F150 is naturally aspirated, you noticed the extra fuel consumption.

Extra fuel consumption is not a loss of power.

It has about 36% less power, my guess is depending on your model you have at least 300 hp, so unless you are pulling a trailer or trying to drive 100 mph you aren’t going to notice if you have 200 hp instead. Old cars were always a problem with 75 hp and you drop down to 50 hp…

Your mpg was probably lower…if you even care in such a Dino juice jalopy

Too staged by a bunch of arrogant looking people. Where is the vehicle? All said I’m still a reservation holder.

A bit more off-road action would’ve been nice but this is still impressive, if vacuous eye-candy.

How did they get it there? Where did they charge it?

In Aspen, have plugged in to the fast charger their myself, and it implies you can go drive into mountains, have fun and still get back home due to the range of the vehicle.

The cabin had solar, they could have charged it there too.

Awesome marketing. I wish them all the success in the world.

Nice truck design, will be very appealing, Tesla has a real competition here in the truck segment, I hope Tesla work better the truck design, more Main Street and less like Russian truck like.
Of course the supercharger network is unbeatable, Elon is very smart.

Tesla doesn’t have a light truck (yet).

Some of these shots were almost literally in my back yard! Beautiful shots of the San Juan Mountains. Would have been awesome to have spotted them while they were here. Looking forward to seeing these on the road.

Man, I watched this and thought “Gawd, I miss Colorado “

Slick ad but, well groomed roads mean nothing for capability. I’m wondering if there are battery issues with cold weather like Tesla has suffered?

ICEv are ~12% less efficient in extreme cold, meaning ~12% less range on a tank of gas.

BEV with liquid cooled/warmed battery like Rivian lose ~24% range while air cooled/passive battery packs like LEAF lose ~50% range.

Unlike ICEv you can pre-warm the cabin and battery pack while plugged in. For ICEv in extreme cold you need to be plugged in to use engine block heater or turn on your ICE inside your garage and immediately move it outside. Or risk carbon monoxide poisoning.

What did I just watch?

Much ado about nothing. Great video of powder conditions, snow boarding, spacious home, etc.. Nothing about driving in snow, watching awd in action, doing donuts, etc. The commercial is more about a lifestyle than about Rivian.

It is called “electric adventure vehicle”..

I expected to see more of the truck and suv and less of a snowboarding video.

Cute. Now, these people need to put the snowboards away, throw the sweet pooch a bone and start building the damn vehicles! The sooner they have more of them on the road, the sooner they can tweak them and work out any bugs. So many of us want to see them succeed so go get that factory ramped up and build some cars!

I love my Jeep. I think it will be exciting to get an actual off road vehicle in ev form.

I dont think these 2 products will get the job done, but they are headed in the right direction. I could care less about the hippy dippy BS that they are significantly better for the environment because the decrease in polution is not as great as marketed, but look forward to the instant torque and other advances they bring to the table over gas.

Well you started out ok, but how could you care less? Cleaner air we all breath and water we all drink is not hippy dippy BS, transitioning to electric vehicles and renewable energy will benefit everyone and all life on this planet. Ask yourself this, would you rather be stuck for hours in traffic behind diesel and gas vehicles idling and polluting the air you breath or a bunch of electric vehicles emitting nothing? Would you rather live next to people with electric vehicles or someone with several large gas/diesel cars and trucks who love to let them idle for 10-15 minutes several times a day, every day? Think about what it would be like if every gas/diesel loud, belching vehicle were replaced with electrics tomorrow, every home and building had solar/wind and battery storage, how wonderful that would be.

What’s so nice about electric cars is they lose no power at higher altitudes. Compare that to ICE breathers which lose up to 15% at 15,000 feet (Mount Evans). Even with Turbo’s and such they still lose power. EVs do not.

Was the vehicle swapped because charge was not available.

Would have loved to see more of the vehicle in action….amazing looking ride!

Nice truck,
Now take it thru some mud or serious OFF roading like this EV Jeep conversion

I want to see more of the dog 😀

For a person who lives in a place like the Denver area who goes up to the mountains to recreate, Rivian looks like a great vehicle to take you anywhere. For the F250/350 construction guy, probably not enough bed.

It’s so funny to see the comments from people that don’t seem to grasp what advertising is all about 😀

We’re not there yet. I would feel very insecure knowin that there are no filling station’s, i.e., charging stations around. No one ever mentions the cost to charge these vehicles at home or on the road.

On average they cost about a third to run compared to a comparable ICEV taking all costs into consideration including insurance, servicing and recharging costs.

Clearly they’re marketing to the top 1% of the top 1%.
I’m really starting to lose interest in Rivian.

Got to start somewhere. Just like Tesla they won’t have the capacity to make large numbers of cars at the beginning, so making expensive ones makes sense.

It’s not a pickup. It’s a four door SUV which is nice, a competitor for the gull winged X if Rivian ever begins production and sales.

More style than substance but a good “mood” commercial for Rivian. So many shots of the snow n the damn dog too. I’d prefer a more substance, feature, performance based commercial.

Good marketing. They are emphasizing the fun recreational aspect, appealing to the young hip crowd. Fresh cool and the future.

Really nice video!

If you are young and rich you get to have fun.

I’d be impressed if they drove to the cabin like Jeep would have.

Also the sunny plowed roads…sheesh…even RWD Tesla without snows could do that. Is the SUV Rivian new? That would be a huge seller. Looks like the Range Rover.

That is not the point. This is the typical expected use of the vehicle. Not everybody is going to try for the most difficult terrain and push the truck to its limits.

If anything, it certainly stokes interest from even non truck lover. It’s a very simple yet kind of geeky design with those headlights but certainly eye catching. I’d like to see it in person

what a waste of time… was that like 5% on the vehicle?

Works 4 Me , Can I Lease 1 with a option to collect data, from Driving habits on the ruff roads of the Northeast. I will be glad to take over a daily route if preferred ? Text me ! I’m Serious.. I ‘am a car & Truck guy

My ford focus can go where that truck went.
It didn’t leave the plowed roads.