Watch Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Transform Right Before Your Eyes


The transforming truck.

Just the other day we shared rendered images of Rivian’s patented modular system. This applies to its R1T electric pickup truck.

However, we held back on posting the slickest Rivian bit from our friends over at Along with the images came a real nifty GIF that shows the pickup truck in its various forms.

The GIF was just too heavy for our site to easily support. Therefore, we converted it into a looping video form for your viewing pleasure.

Check out this slick video featuring the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck as it transforms from a truck, to camper, to flatbed and even more right before your eyes. it really is mesmerizing in a cool sort of way.

The basic idea here is that the R1T can be configured in multiple different ways depending on your desires and needs. From a flatbed truck, to a chassis cab and even into some sort of camper, the Rivian truck can supposedly do it all, according to the patent filing.

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As states:

Here at RivianForums, we’ve worked up these digital previews to bring Rivian’s patent to life and show various configurations possible including the basic flatbed configuration, the cargo box utility module, a topper module, a recreational camper top module and the removable side rail module.

Take a look at the rest of the slick renders right below:

6 photos


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12 Comments on "Watch Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Transform Right Before Your Eyes"

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No mid-gate. No pass through like the Bollinger. Just pricey ‘gimmics’. No thanks.

It’s hard to best the Bollinger.

It seems convertible tailgate “gimmicks” are “what’s new”, in the land of ICE OEM trucks.

Is the bed really that high? Holy crap.

With monster tires and lift, you’ll need a ladder to get in the bed anyway. 🙂

In flatbed mode I can see some broken tail lights coming, now about that tilt bed?

I’d still love to know what that cap with the bit over the roof is. Aerodynamic feature? It’s certainly not a camper as even if they magically managed to attach the softshell to the roof (so you could push the top up and have sides), there is no space to store the bed or anything else in it…

people are taking these fan renders way too seriously

They should have put zero dirt bikes in the bed.

I could care less about the slick marketing of the Virtue Signaling. I want, no need a truck that works it’s ass off! Anyone think this is a work truck?

Now render it with lumber racks and a tow hitch so it is a real truck.

Now render it with absolutely nothing in the bed so it looks like 99.5% of the pickup trucks on the road today!

I was hoping the cap would disappear into the truck. Top slides forward into cab. Sides slide down. But no just some fake renders on things they could do but never will.