Video: Renault Zoe Pedestrian Warning System


“Being an electric car the Renault ZOE is very quiet on the move and omits half the noise of a conventional car. Whilst this is great for the environment and the passengers travelling, it is important to let pedestrians know you are there.”

Renault Zoe Making Noise

Renault Zoe Making Noise

“Renault ZOE is equipped with an audible external warning system with 3 different sounds to choose from, letting people in built up areas know you are coming.”

Three different sounds.

While most of us believe EVs don’t need a pedestrian warning system, if one is in place then there should at least be a few sound selections, which is what Renault has done with ZOE.

Which sound would you choose?  Though admittedly they’re very similar, so selecting one might be difficult.

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Pitch shifting relative to speed, makes sense. I still want a warning sound that repeatedly says, “Beep! I’m an Electric Car! Beep!” Just shift the voice from Satanic Bass, to Angelic Soprano, as you accelerate. 😉

So then the Zoe is out of the question for my next car. The soundless approach is one of the benefits of the electric car and I don’t want to have to turn it off every time I get into the car.

Just cut a wire somewhere, easy:-)

I can just imagine what people who like to modify and “hack” their things might do. I see people having their own customized “ring tones” . At least the could have had something cool and not sounding like a crapy ICE.