Video: Renault Zoe Breaks Down Walls


It’s so revolutionary that it quite literally leads to the public knocking down walls to catch even a brief glimpse of it.

Renault Zoe Makes You Take Out the Sledgehammet o Bust Down Walls

Renault Zoe Makes You Take Out the Sledgehammet o Bust Down Walls

Reminiscent of the Berlin Wall toppling, this latest video from Renault is rather odd.

In trying to convey the importance of the electric Zoe, Renault choose to depict a town of people who join forces to topple a wall that contains them within.

Once outside of the confines, the electric Zoe whirs by in silence in front of the awe-struck townspeople.

Odd?  Yes.  But it’s Renault.  If it wasn’t a bit off-the-wall-ish then it wouldn’t be from Renault.

“Behind this wall, we find a Renault ZOE silently rolling and the film concludes: Zero noise. Zero emissions. 100% electric Renault ZOE it was time to reconcile man and the automobile.”

Grab your sledgehammer.  Get them bicep muscles ready.  Join the revolution.


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8 responses to "Video: Renault Zoe Breaks Down Walls"
  1. Nino says:

    Sorry, but you didn’t get the gist of the story!!! Maybe you don’t have such walls over there in the States. But we here in Europe have a lot of them at Highways/Autobahn. They are build to protect houses nearby from the noise all the cars are emitting. It is not a kind of jail, just Noise cancelation walls.

    So the people in the Video are Not escaping, they are puting down the ugly walls not needed any more thanks to electric vehicles.

    1. We have them here also Nino. I understood it instantly when I saw the video.

  2. Warren says:

    Too bad the video ended…just before the Zoe runs over a bicyclist. 🙂

  3. Delta says:

    I love that ad. It is simply perfect.

    And if i lived in france, i would order one for my daughter Zoe today.

  4. James says:

    I hope the ad resonates in it’s market. Here in the USA, maybe it
    wouldn’t so much. Why? I have no idea! I live a football’s kick from
    a major four-lane highway. We deal with noise from diesel trucks
    and buses, Harley Davidson’s with straight pipes – you name it
    ALL DAY LONG, 200,000+ cars per day. When in my back yard,
    sometimes I have to raise my voice to talk on the phone! Americans
    just seem to have adapted ( or fully embraced ) to the ugly smell,
    the din, and the sacrifices of the smoke-spouting, gas-burning beast.
    It’s odd, but when I talk about breathing clean air like out in the countryside,
    people just stare at me like I’m an alien! Even if they don’t buy
    into global warming, they MUST realize the air they breathe is
    fully contaminated, and their cars fully contributing to copious noise

    Most of Europe has clearly embraced the global climate change
    theory, and so ads like these showing green trees and quiet,
    silent running in an auto connect better there, in my opinion.

    As a car guy, I’ve had to adjust from being more like a BBC
    Top Gear gearhead moron who feels he has God’s right
    to drip oil and spew C02, damned be the others – to a person
    who looks at the world oil and pollution problem realistically.

    1. Warren says:

      Imagine your president pulling solar panels off the White House roof, and saying that trees cause pollution. Wait until you’ve been saying it for forty years, and they still don’t have a clue.

  5. shawn marshall says:

    Ideological arguments will not the rEVolution make.

    The Zoe offers price and quiet.

    CO2 is harmless. Global warming may all be perfectly natural (or very nearly so) and may in fact be beneficial.
    There are plenty of good reasons to support EV development without polluting the argument with socialistic perversions of science.

    1. Warren says:

      “CO2 is harmless.”

      You forgot the smiley face, right?