Videos: Renault Twizy Slips and Slides On Ice


Last week we featured a Renault Twizy squeezing through the offices at Renault’s Technocentre in France.  How do we follow up these antic?  It’s simple.  Post video of a Twizy outdoors.

Simply driving outdoors isn’t quite as enticing as a Twizy zipping around an office, so we’ve decided to show video of what a hoot it is to drive a Twizy on an iced-over track.

Twizy on Ice.

Twizy on Ice.

As the Twizy slips and slides its way around with grace and ease, we can’t help but think it sure seems to be a blast.

What this Twizy shows is that with only 17 horsepower on tap (Twizy only weighs 992 pounds), driving can still be exciting.   You don’t need Viper-like levels of power to zip around and there’s something pure about the simplicity of the Twizy.

Watch.  Enjoy!!!

More Twizy drifting action courtesy of Autocar

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Love the Twizy – fabulous urban commuter and cheap enough for fun local driving. Don’t care for the battery rental?

That looks like fun. I used to love to do “emergency brake” turns in my 66 VW bug in the snow.

Oh, but the Twizy can drift much better than that with the proper nut behind the wheel:

@ Dave R

Video added to post…Thanks

great – can’t do that in a golf cart, can ya’?

Think Twizy would go over big time at the Villages. Renault test market.