Video: Renault Twizy Cargo Edition – Lose A Passenger, Gain A Boot

JUL 11 2013 BY JAY COLE 5

Two weeks ago Renault announced that the Twizy lineup would be expanding to include the Cargo edition.  Now Nissan’s alliance partner in the EV game brings you a video of that car in action.  Very French action.

New Renault Twizy Cargo Shows What It Can Do For Solo Drivers

New Renault Twizy Cargo Shows What It Can Do For Solo Drivers

Basically, if you do not need that ‘extra’ seat in the 1+1 configuration, Renault can now sell you a more practical Twizy, one with a rear trunk/hatch.

Looking at the demographics, it makes a lot of sense to produce this car because currently 3 out of every 5 sales on the Renault city car are to companies, not individuals.

Access to the boot is from the rear via a lockable 90° door.  The Twizy Cargo’s, uh, cargo area is actually fairly large at 180l/75 kg.

The Twizy Cargo will be available in two trims:

  • Cargo (top speed of 80 kph/50 mph)
  • Cargo 45 (top speed of 45 km/h/28 mph)- also of note, thanks to only 4 kW of power you can drive it without a license

Prices (excl. VAT) are set €6,750 ($8,850 USD) for Cargo 45 and €7,350 ($9,600 USD) for the Cargo version, with a battery hire at €50 ($65 USD) a month


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Will this thing ever be legal in the US? I think NEV’s are only allowed a top speed of 25mph.

You can actually get them onto the roads in most states, little tricky, but can be done if you want to go through the import hassle, remote battery hire and the no service thing.

…I’m not willing to do that, but I love driving these things. If Renault made them available through Renault I would own one yesterday. They make almost no sense to my daily life/routine…but a lot of stuff doesn’t, (=

There are 2 editions
– One goes 28mph (the limit you can drive without a licence over here)
– One that goes 53mph, I guess you’ll have to register it as a proper car 🙂

They are indeed a lot of fun to drive, I just wish they found a way to make the doors airtight. Now with the additional windows you get a lot of noise and wind inside the cabin when going full speed

These are cool little ‘cars’. I saw several of them in Paris recently over a few day period. I think they even let them back into the curb while parking instead of parallel parking. LOTs of Smart cars there. Lots!

Give it a body style that looks like an old Detroit Electric, or a Baker Electric, and I would consider buying it…

Not everyone wants a futuristic golf cart.