Video: Primer on Maximizing Chevy Spark EV Range


It only has a range of 82, as per the EPA, but we’ve already witnessed a first-hand account of 93.8 miles being achieved.

Maximizing Range Requires Skill and Knowledge

Maximizing Range Requires Skill and Knowledge

Of course, we’re referring to the 2014 Chevy Spark EV and its range.

You might think that for a vehicle rated at 82 miles, 93.8 is unachievable.  Obviously, that’s not the case.

So, how can you maximize the range of your Chevy Spark EV?

It all boils down to the 3 Ts.

This simplified range primer actually applies to all EVs, but this one focuses on the electric Spark.

We like that it’s done in such a way that anyone can understand it.  Simple is key when trying to educate the masses and that is what’s going on here.

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So here is a 400 ft.-lbs. pocket rocket, but if you really want it to get to places do not put stuff in it, do not use the heater, do not drive it fast, and do not drive it aggressively.

That will sell a few of these…

Clarification: to get to *far away* places (in one shot)

Same rules apply for the Model S, and all other BEV’s.

Heck, I do this type of stuff in my Volt, just to prevent going to ICE mode. Only difference is it’s not as big of a deal vs. being stranded.

Most potential buyers get lost at the part where you have to plug the car in. Do you think they will understand or even listen to the finer points? 🙂

Everything but heater applies to gas cars just as much.

Electric cars are gas cars where the gas costs 50 cents a gallon and you have a pump at your house! Except all the pumps are drippers that typically drip about 1 drip per second!