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Porsche's Offering At $99,000 Will Compete Against The Premium End Of Tesla's  Model S Lineup

Porsche’s Offering At $99,000 Will Compete Against The Premium End Of Tesla’s Model S Lineup

In debuting the Panamera S E-Hybrid in a company film (above), Porsche seems fairly enthusiastic about its upcoming entry into the plug-in universe.

At least as enthusiastic as you can expect from a bunch of German engineers talking to the public.

“The decision to build a plug-in was really very rationale – we wanted to improve fuel economy,” says Dr. Matthias Lederer, General Manager of Energy Management explains, barely containing his excitement like only a German can. 

“But now what is quite noticeable is that it offers a very different sort of emotional driving experience than in a conventional vehicle.”

As a refresher the Panamera S E-Hybrid has a top speed in all-electric mode of 130 km/h (81mph) and has an all electric range of 36 km (22 miles) via a 9.4 kWh lithium battery.  Total output combined is 410 hp and the vehicle has an estimated 0-62mph time of about 5.5 seconds.

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Interior

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Interior

The 2014 Panamera S E-Hybrid will be available starting in August starting at $99,000.  For comparison, the Panamera S (non-hybrid, non-plug-in) starts at $93,200.

While we don’t see the Porsche as a direct threat to Tesla business, the California maker of the Model S now at least has someone competing for those premium plug-in dollars.

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It’s funny, the 918 supercar ($845k) was promoted as having “6.7 kwh” of usable litium battery. I wonder if it is the identicle pack to the 9.4kwh capacity version shown here, in the Panamera?

This vehicle will compete with Tesla, as folks weigh 22 miles of AER against daily needs, and what amounts to a really nice range extender.

Yeah.. basically it is not even a true EREV like the Volt. Just a moderately done PHEV. At $99,000 price tag, I don’t see how it can compete with the Tesla Model-S.

I’d actually consider this car if it were priced lower than a Tesla.

With 22/30 hybrid performance, I’m agreeing more.

David Murray, as in the Driving Instructor?

Nope, David Murray the I.S. administrator.

Awesome. That’s what I was hoping for. You’re the coolest! 😉