Video: Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Races Electricity


“Porsche has never been a car company to reject contradictions. On the contrary: we embrace them. And these contradictions live on in the new Panamera S E-Hybrid. More thrills from less fuel. More power from less cylinders. Form joined inextricably to function. Thrilling Porsche performance with future-forward efficient power. Race-born suspension and executive class refinements. Breathtaking agility and reassuring safety features. It’s a race to the future.”

Racing Electricity

Racing Electricity

That’s how Porsche describes the Panamera S E-Hybrid, the latest plug-in vehicle to go on sale in the US.

In this video we see the plug-in Panamera race an unexpected friend: electricity.

The result?  Well, plug-ins and electricity don’t compete.  Rather, they team up to create the vehicle of today and of the future.  So, both are winners.

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As Tesla has shown, internal combustion engine is irrelevant for the good car.

It would be cool if Tesla would make 120 kWh Model S with 2 x 250 kW AWD. This would put the end for internal combustion engine.

Unfortunately, with current battery technology, doing so would make an overweight car even more overweight.

Sorry but 0-60 in about 4 sec is not overweight :). It’s all about how you feel the car.

The key to EV viability is a lighter car, not heavier. And good aerodynamics. It’s foolish to try to stuff ever more batteries in it. Model S already has plenty of range and a gigantic battery.
It’s better to do similar or a bit less range with less than half the batteries in a car that weighs half, costs less than half and can charge as fast or faster.

A 4-5 seater car can easily weigh less than 900kg. Audi A2 did.

The commercial is ruined by the car not driving in electric mode…..


That car makes a lot of noise for a car running on electricity.