Video Pitch For Tesla Factory In France

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Tesla Alsace Pitch Video

Tesla Alsace Pitch Video

Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke at an event in France.

At the time, he mentioned a possible future Tesla factory in Europe (he’s mentioned Asia, China and other areas in the past too).

Apparently, Musk made a joke-like comment related to the flip-flop control of the Alsace region (in the past) from French to German. Musk commented to the affect that the factory could be partially on German land and part on French land, saying that would be the best possible solution.

Well, communications agency Blackblitz Strassbourg decided to pitch to Musk why Tesla should actually consider the Alsace region for a factory.

Greg Matter of Blackblitz Strassbourg, stated:

“We had heard of Elon Musk, who said he planned to settle on Alsace, and we decided to make a promotional video, a project totally free from coercion, jumping on the subject.”

The ball is in your court now Elon…

Source: L’essential via Teslarati

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17 responses to "Video Pitch For Tesla Factory In France"

  1. RexxSee says:

    Musk is a wizard!

    1. Anon says:

      “Yer a WIZARDAH, ELON!”

  2. PVH says:

    In Europe ? About 1200 Tesla sold in all of Europe in 2016 so far. OK we will have much better sales in March but still, nothing to write home about. That together with Gigafactory seems good strategies to make a small fortune (Out of a big one) :-).

    1. Get Real says:

      Same old tired and discredited anti-Tesla FUD from PVH. Its going to be fun to watch all the short-sellers/haters’ fantasies go up in smoke on the 31st!

      1. PVH says:

        I knew you missed me ! 🙂 🙂

    2. The European factory is just another Tesla promise.

  3. Stimpacker says:

    Eh, most in the high tech industry are or have already pulled manufacturing from Europe.

    High cost, long holidays, inability to change staffing headcount readily, activist unions etc all serve to make EU less desirable. Hopefully Tesla can change this mindset.

    1. kosee says:

      Automation is the key here I guess. That could possibly solve most of the suggested problems.

    2. ffbj says:

      Umm, well, yes. Time to man the barricades.

    3. PVH says:

      …and worth of all being France. I live right next to it and often listen to their radio programs. Last days it was strike so lots of music…. It was the same 3 months ago and again before..and again before… This country (France) is just a sad joke. I quite like them so wish they could get out of their own s..t some day.

    4. ZLL says:

      Less working hours, higher pay…Viva La Sloth!

  4. HeisenberghtNUTS says:


    HbhtNuts goes Alsace.

    Tesla goes Alsace.

    Let’s see who gets there first 😉

  5. notting says:

    That would mean: He wants a factory on the Rhine like a bridge (the Rhine is the border in that area for some 100km). Or he’s bad in geography…

    BTW: Not far away from Strasbourg is a plant for cells, batteries and energie storage systems -> (Willstätt). Search for that company name on this website…


  6. Someone out there says:

    I would recommend against France, the unions there are brutal. It’s practically impossible to fire someone.
    I would recommend Germany or the Netherlands, or to lower salaries the Czech Republic or maybe Croatia.

    1. Andrei says:

      I agree, I would recommend considering Romania, too, because it is linked by sea, and row materials can be transported chipper, is closed to countries outside EU, like Turkey, Russia, Ukraine. The only issue could be the low number of highways, but this will be addressed by 2020, time that will take to develop the factory, and there are alternative ways of transport,by train or by river (Danube). In addition the salaries are small compared withe EU and the quality of the work is well above the average (see the success story of Dacia car, the brand that allowed Renault not to be in the same situation like PSA).

  7. Eco says:

    Alsace is wine country! (my ancestors lived there before Napoleon took it over) I wonder if it’s a good vintage year for Tesla 🙂

  8. ZikZak says:

    Good thing if it happens!
    In the same location we have another beast: Bugatti.

    That would be fun 🙂