Video: Peek Inside a Tesla Supercharger


YouTube video uploader Kman Auto (this YouTuber happens to do brilliant Tesla-related videos) provides us with a glimpse of what’s inside a Tesla Supercharger.

A Glimpse Inside a Tesla Supercharger

A Glimpse Inside a Tesla Supercharger

Unfortunately, you won’t see all the internal in this video, but it’s better than nothing.

As Kman Auto states:

“Attempt to see some of the goodies in a Supercharger (specifically Onalaska WI). The outside temps are 25*F, the heat being dissipated by the unit through the use of it’s cooling fan is approx 65*F.”


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I have been told that Tesla uses multiple on-board charger units, and stacks them together for higher amperage charging. Pretty good operational efficiency. If they had the capability and used something like this:

they would get 150kw charging, instead of the upcoming 120kw stations.

Anyone spot anything of interest? I think we just saw the 277y/480 volt incomming cables, but we didn’t see any terminations. Some pilot wires attached to thermostats to turn on and off the cooling fans?