Video: Owner Testimonial Shows How Safe Chevy Volt Actually Is


Sometimes an entire story is told by only some images and a few words.

This Is One of Those "When a Picture is Worth A Thousand Words"

This Is One of Those “When a Picture is Worth A Thousand Words”

This is one of those stories.

Below you’ll see a letter addressed to John Hughes, Chevrolet Volt Marketing & Promotions Manager.  The author of the letter if Dr. Kerry Johnson.  The video will let you in on who this Johnson guy is and why he wrote this letter.

Hi Mr. Hughes,

I got your name from my Volt Dealer here in Orange County, CA.

I bought a 2013 Volt in November 2012 for my 20 year old daughter Caroline and we all loved it.

I have a Porsche 911s and a BMW 740il. The Volt was our favorite car to drive.

On August 3rd, a drunk driver hit our Volt so hard it knocked the Volt off the road down a 15 foot embankment. Caroline in the Volt rolled several times down the embankment before hitting a tree. Caroline was taken by ambulance to a local hospital where she suffered only a black eye, arm lacerations and stiches to her left foot. Our Farmers insurance adjuster said he never saw a car that mangled without a fatality.

We are grateful to you and GM for making the Volt so safe. The fact that Caroline survived that crash was miracle from God and the 10 Volt airbags. I am in the middle of buying another Volt right now and thought you would like to share this story with anyone else at GM or with any potential Volt buyers.

Dr. Kerry Johnson

P.S. Attached are the photos of the accident. Feel free to call me for any more details.

The Chevy Volt is safe.  What more can we say?

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She should have mentioned that it “didn’t catch on fire.”


I wish naysayers of the Volt (and Bob Lutz’s seasoned design cues in it) will keep this story in mind the next time they say the car is overpriced for what you get.

GM definitely should use this in an ad campaign.



Who cares if it didn’t catch fire! Just bringing that up makes one think there was a problem before with the volt.

Actually catching fire was never a problem with the Volt. What happened was a Volt was crash tested by the government then after the crash the car was towed into a field and left lying on its roof for 2 weeks. The badly damaged battery leaked some fluid that crystallized and caused a short that caused a fire. Frankly, I think 2 weeks to catch on fire should give you plenty of time to get out of a crashed Volt. And had proper post crash protocols been followed, that fire would never have happened. So it wasn’t the car or the battery’s fault, it was mishandled after the crash. And that is the real story on the one and only Volt batter fire of record. Meanwhile gasoline cars burst into flames approximately 150,000 times per year.

My understanding from an engineer friend of mine at TOYOTA was the the procedures for crashed Volt’s wasn’t even followed. Apparently one of the first things you do with a crashed Volt is drain the battery so this won’t happen, and they didn’t do that. This is why it caught fire.

the volt is so safe that it killed another person in a honda civic upon impact, the honda driver hit the volt, lived with serious injury and the passenger in the honda died, volt driver perfectly ok

The volt killed the other person?

This Dr. Johnson is probably not a Dr. med.
One does not suffer stiches, but an injury which requires stiches.
And photos of the accident, or of the result?

“Caroline was taken by ambulance to a local hospital where she suffered only a black eye, arm lacerations and stiches to her left foot.”

If I was taken to a hospital where I suffered a black eye, arm lacerations and stitches to my left foot I would be pretty upset!


Because of the 20k bill?

I have 23 years experience as a personal injury lawyer dealing with all kinds of crashes. Take a closer and realistic look at the pictures. The roof crush is completely unacceptable. There is no way a vehicle should be on the road that allows that much roof crush. GM is one of the worst for real accident roof crushes. This young lady is just very fortunate or “someone” was looking out for her – it certainly wasn’t the flimsy roof supports on the Volt.

I drive a Volvo XC 90 – the roof pillars are made of three different kinds of steel including boron steel. Check out roll over videos of an xc90 there is zero roof crush.

Brent Handel, J.D., Q.C.

We know nothing about that picture and its roof crush. How was the person extracted? Where were the jaws of life applied, and how did that affect the vehicle? How was the vehicle pulled from the embankment? etc.

Unless you see pictures from the scene, it’s hard to make a claim about the expected state of the vehicle following the accident.

That is utter BS. A 5 second google image search will show you tons of XC90 wreck photos with plenty of crushed roofs.