Video: Owls Say “Wow” and “Whoa” When They See the Renault Zoe


Ever since the Renault Zoe launched, the burning question on our minds was “What would an owl say if it saw a Zoe?”

You Say "Wow" and I Say "Woah"

You Say “Wow” and I Say “Whoa”

Now, within this video, we’ve finally found our answer.

As Renault states:

“Renault is proud to sponsor the Jonathan Ross Show.”

As far as we can tell, the Jonathon Ross Show (a British chat show that airs on BBC One on Saturday evenings) has nothing to do with owls or electric vehicles.

Honestly, we’re not sure why owls were chosen by Renault, but the French automaker believes that “These wise owls show just how much they love the 100% electric Renault ZOE.”

Owls love electric Renaults.  Means nothing to us, but then again Renault’s advertising is almost always outside the norm.

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This would be more appropriate for The Late Late Show when considering the owls.

But what does the fox say?

The Jonathon Ross Show? This would be better on Mike Meyer’s “Sprockets”:)

Dieter – “Carlos Ghosn, Zoe is beautiful – would you like to touch my owl?”

Fox will say that the Renault had an explosion after the commercial due the communist invasion of USA.

Wow that’s quite a commitment considering the UK Renault dealers (which are hopeless in any case) seem to be completely incapable of properly supporting the Zoe in the UK. Plus there’s no outright purchase option for the battery. They need to get the decent whole car lease packages going like there are for the LEAF then give comprehensive training to the dealers along with some strongly worded lectures about where the industry is going.

I’ve yet to see a Zoe on the roads over here, though every now and then a new Clio makes me look twice. It’s nice that the Zoe looks good but annoying that it looks so similar to the Clio.

I want one…

It would be nice to have one, but owning owls is illegal in most places.