Video: Overview of Today’s Most Popular Level 2 Residential Charging Stations


There exists only a handful of popular Level 2 residential chargers and we’re often asked which one is the best.

Which Charger Would You Choose?

Which Charger Would You Choose?


It depends on what you want/need really.

As EV West tells us in this video (yes, EV West sells chargers, so you’ll have to ignore the salesman aspect of the video and instead focus on the informative stuff), the best chargers out there in terms of bang for your buck is probably the Clipper Creek HCS-40, but there are other solid options depending on your needs.

As the video description states:

“Here is a quick overview of some of the most popular EV Charging Station options for the start of 2014. This quick video will help you choose the right charging station for you and your vehicle’s needs. Models include the Bosch EL-51253, Clipper Creek LCS-25, Siemens VersiCharge VC30BLK, and Clipper Creek HCS-40. Hosted by Michael Bream of EV West.”

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I would have thought the Nissan/Aerivironment unit along with the Voltec unit would have been in the “most popular” but I guess this company can’t retail those?

When reviewing the Clipper Creek LCP-25, Bream mentions that it is rated for 20 amps continuous, so is best matched with cars with 3kW chargers like the Volt, early Leafs (and the Leaf S trim). He mistakenly includes the Focus Electric. The Focus Electric has a 6kW charger. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the Clipper Creek with the Focus Electric or any car with a 6kW or higher rated charger, only that it will charge at a maximum rate of 4.8kW. That will give you about 15 miles of range per hour of charge, vs about 20 miles per hour. If you are charging overnight, it won’t make any difference at all. Your car will be fully charged well before you wake up, and for most cars, entirely within the overnight “super off peak” window if you are using the Time Of Use (TOU) rate. If you anticipate the need for quick mid-day or after-work top-offs (e.g. busy mom with a lot of driving, evening driving after commute home, or work use with lunchtime return to office) the faster charge of the 30 Amp units is really helpful, and might make the difference between an EV working, or not,… Read more »

The AV charger is likely one of the most popular. I guess “most popular of what we sell”, does not sound as good.

Guess they don’t sell GE. The WattStation is a really solid unit with a lot of features including, on/off switch, locking bracket, 30amp (40amp breaker) and night light. This is the one I have.

I really like the size of the 20amp Clipper. I’ll probably get one for travel along with the 110v that came with the Volt.

What I’d really like to see is a factory made dual-voltage EVSE. I think the open source ones can do both 110v and 220v, but, I like factory-built. Maybe I’ll just make a custom build and sell them!


I am a big believer in Clipper Creek. I have their LCS-25 and love them.

It is a solid product.