Video: One Slick Ad Featuring A Tesla Model S


Vossen Knows A Thing About How To Capture All The Right Angles On The Tesla Model S

Vossen Knows A Thing About How To Capture All The Right Angles On The Tesla Model S

While we are not normally in the habit of promoting products from aftermarket equipment makers, Vossen does such a great job putting out videos on the Tesla Model S featuring their Vossen wheels, we couldn’t help but pass it along.

While Tesla does no advertising of their own (as they seem to get all theirs done for free by others), we wouldn’t mind some of the other electric vehicle makers having a look at some of Vossen’s videos and taking some notes – although we aren’t keen to see the 2014 Nissan LEAF equipped with these 22″ rims just yet!

BELOW:  Another previous video from Vossen

Hat tip to huge hip hop and Tesla fan – Eric

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Meh.. personally I think these wheels look silly. If I’m driving a Tesla, I don’t really want to look like I’m straight pimpin’ out of the hood. What’s next, bouncing the front end with high-pressure air suspension?

Great find, Tesla fan!


Nissan LEAF roll’n with dubz will get 22 miles of

Meh nuthin

Hip hop money is just as good as Hollywood money, Rock money, or Folk music money.

Would you rather get new converts to the EV revolution or would you rather have these people driving Cadillac Escalades, Range Rovers, and Hummers?

Every convert with the benjamins is welcomed. Rapper with diamond grills and Model S also help fund Tesla Gen III and Tesla Gen 4.

Any word on the impact on range using these rims?

I don’t like the way they look. Big rims can be nice, but these are too big imo

Tesla offers optional 21″ rims. Can’t be that far off from standard range of factory spec Model S with 21″ rims.

It’s not just the size, but also the aerodynamics of them. Of course, with a Model S and it’s high range that is of less importance than on most other EVs.