Video Of Tesla Model X At Canadian International Auto Show


Tesla Model X At Canadian International Auto Show

Tesla Model X At Canadian International Auto Show

Missing in action at the 2016 NAIAS in Detroit, Michigan, the Tesla Model X is now the star of the show in Canada where it made its auto show debut.

Video description:

“The all-electric SUV debuts at the Canadian International Auto show, Aaron Saltzman takes a first look.”

CBC adds:

“Although it was announced in September, the unveiling in Toronto is the first time the Model X has been shown at any auto show, anywhere in the world, organizers said.”

InsideEVs will be attending the Canadian International Auto Show this weekend so that we can bring you live photos of the Model X (as well as other plug-in vehicles) straight from the show floor.

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Insane Electric Torque

Why that dark color for zero emission vehicle?
Why not blue metallic, red, yellow or orange?

Yours can be whatever color you’re willing to pay for…


When do they finally get it? The Model X, already a lot off stuff in it comparing to the competitors, is at 80’000 for the “base” version!

1 USD is 1.4 CAD.

Falcon wing doors still not flush like a $10k car, stupid idea from Tesla.

I watched the video carefully twice. Looks to me like the Model X’s falcon wing doors fit every bit as well as doors on any other car in that show. I think your imagination is working overtime.

This little boy has cried “Wolf!” a lot more than twice now; the villagers shouldn’t believe him anymore.


If your vision problem is physical, please see an optometrist.

If your vision problem is psychological, please see a psychiatrist.

Does anyone know what the minimum clearance (height of the lowest point) is when the falcon-winged doors are open? In the video, it’s looks like the top of the guy’s head is almost the same height as the bottom of the door. This could be a problem for taller people when the Model X is parked curbside on the street. The curb (sidewalk) can be 6 to 8 inches high on average, and then street is crowned, which can lower the edge of an open falcon-winged door 1 or 2 inches since it’s on the down hill side.

40 min video review posted here a couple days ago showed 5’10” guy standing INSIDE car & there was still clearance over his head.

I was asking about the lowest point when standing outside the car since a sidewalk would raise you up 6 to 8 inches as oppose to standing in a parking lot.


White with white seats much more spectacular. US spec car, no orange seatbelt buttons.