Video Of Cutaway Tesla Model S P85D


Cutaway Tesla Model S P85D

Cutaway Tesla Model S P85D

“What you see here is the frame of Teslas current halo car the Model S P85D which has two motors. As you can see one of them is placed between the rear wheels as before and the new one between the front wheels. The “Frunk” is still existent but decreased slightly in size. This video was recorded in the official Tesla Zurich, Switzerland showroom.”

States the video description.

It isn’t often you get to see the Tesla Model S P85D in this detail.  Anything in particular that grabs your attention?

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Having a chance to look at it close in the opening store in Montréal.
I was not impress by the craftmanship and manufacturing process involved in it.
Lot of base casting and average soldering with cut to fit similar profil extrusion to strengt everything together.
It’s a good job for a small production number, but not as good as any major manufacturer would end up doing.
Lot of weight could be saved with advanced process.
Just my view.


The platform was purposely over-built.

Weight and cost will be more of a concern, for Model 3…


Interesting. I was hugely impressed when I had a good look at the original cutaway at Westfield London (White City) for precisely the opposite reasons i.e. the modular nature of construction and use of apparently massively strong cast alu bits all over the place. I would have liked to try to lift one (front) corner and I suspect it would have been possible without giving myself a hernia (the battery pack isn’t fitted!).

John from AA

“Anything in particular that grabs your attention?”

Yes, the folded umbrella stroller propped up in the corner. (“Baby buggy” to those on the other side of the Atlantic, I guess.)


At the end of the video on the right? Those are umbrellas drying off in the stand.

Or is there something else I missed?


If you don’t care for the Frunk, just slap another full sized motor in front, and call it the Model SS (SuperSpeed) P85D, for a total of 832 horse power!!! I can only guess what the 0 – 60 times of that would be…

The heavily reinforced, monolithic design of the platform can handle it: vibration free, and also allow for pack swapping. It’s a brilliant design.


I have tried to take as close a look as possible at the video and various stills of the P85D to try to make that same assessment: can the 470HP rear motor, as large as it is, fit in the front? I think so, but can’t be certain. Has anyone reviewed this question closely?


I don’t know if their cheap batteries can handle that much power. Before the P85D, they only drew power at a max rate of 4-4.5C (assuming good motor+inverter efficiency), which is why the 60 kWh had lower power, and even the B-class followed this design parameter.

The P85D is up to almost 7C discharge now. I don’t know how much more they can squeeze from this battery chemistry.


If you look at the schematic on Tesla’s site, looks like you could fit the big-boy motor in the front with a modified “transmission” casing. The motor isn’t larger than the available space. And you would keep the frunk. It’s where you’d fit all the trophies… ;o) 0-60 in a boom!