Watch This Nokian Winter Tire Test On Tesla Model S: Video


White Hell

That’s not the name for the snowy season that’s upon some of us. Rather, it’s the nickname for the location where Nokian Tyres conducts all winter-tire testing.

Nokian just released a video of winter tire testing on a Tesla Model S. Though the clip is short and sweet, it does provide us with a look at what proper tires can do.

Though the cold of winter impacts range, there’s often a larger negative impact from the snow on the ground. Of course, we can’t avoid what Mother Nature tosses our way. However, as drivers, we can prepare for the conditions.

One of the best additions to any car, regardless if its front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel-drive, is a proper set of winter tires. These proper tires provide you with the ability to accelerate in the slick stuff. More importantly, stopping distances reduce dramatically in snow & ice with winter tires. And that’s important from a safety perspective.

Check out the brief clip above to see how the Tesla Model S with Nokian winter tires bites in with the conditions are slick.

Video description:

Our tires are tested on various different vehicles, including electric cars, to make sure they work for all drivers.

We do our winter tire testing in White Hell, our testing center situated in the heart of Lapland. The result is safe, reliable and comfortable product in all conditions.

The Ivalo Testing Center “White Hell” is where Nokian Tyres, the northernmost tire manufacturer in the world, tests its winter tires rigorously on snow, ice and slush. Experienced test drivers put the tires’ performance to the limit in uncompromising tests in order to find the best tires out of the good ones. If a tire works under the world’s most demanding conditions, it will work reliably everywhere.

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For those of us who stick to roads with our $70k+ premium sedan, how does it drive on black ice, not white hell? That said, there’s an ice driving event January 12 on Cynthia Lake in Scott County, MN (hosted by an Audi club, but open to all) if you do buy these tires. However, you have to wear the Helly Hanson thermal layer like the driver and have a stern look, or the tires won’t perform right.

Nokian winter tires are usually always the best or second best in winter tire tests.
BTW.. test to drive an EV slow with soft winter tires on, with the window open (in a quitet place) .. it’s like really silent.

On black ice.. winter tires with studs will always be the best. Depending on regulations and how large and heavy studs you are allowed to use.
We used to drive on lakes 15+ years ago, back when lakes tend to freeze in the winter..
We used a larger stud (not like rally studs, which are huge) and had more then what is allowed. It really offers superior grip.

Where I live now, there are hardly any ice/snow in winter any more. Winter tires without studs is the preferred choise. Driving with studs when there is no snow will destroy the studs and the performance of the tires, and will also eat blacktop and create dust, or at least dirty water on the road. The road salt attracts moisture, so the road is almost always wet in winter. Salty wet conditions all winter.. the cars just LOVE that.

I have the WRG4 3-peak “all weather” tires on my S70D and ice performance is quite good.

For context I’ve driven many 4WD and AWD vehicles (Jeep, Benz, Audi, Subaru) for nearly 50 years thru northeast US winters, on many winter tires – (blizzak, x-ice, hakka and so forth), in ice and deep snow and mixes.

jim stevens in new jersey

Ive sold many and i rely on these tires my self in nj .they also last a long time..would not change over to any other tire.thumbs up.if ure allowed studs get them.they make their own..bearclaw works great