Video: Nissan Shows Off 80 Years of its Automobile History, Including Its Numerous EVs


Today marks the official 80th birthday for Nissan Motor Corporation.

Tama EV

Tama EV

To celebrate the event, Nissan released this video in which we see glimpses of the automaker’s 80-year history.

Electric vehicles enter the video at the 2:30-minute mark.  And you’ll even catch a glimpse or two of some of Nissan’s latest electric concepts like the BladeGlider.

What’s the oldest electric vehicle linked to Nissan?  The 1947 Tama EV,  which makes no appearance only a brief appearance at the 0:42 mark in this video.

On December 23, Nissan held an early birthday celebration in Yokohama, Japan where it wheeled out 100 Nissans and Datsuns to parade through the city.

This video is a continuation of that celebration.

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Lol all of those cars are pure ugly, only nice nissans are the skylines

The Tama EV does indeed make an appearance, at the 0:42 mark 🙂

Does it really? Nissan changed up the video last second on us. We saw Tama in the original video but didn’t catch it in this one. Good job seeing it

Would have liked to see the Nissan Altra EV in the video, a Lithium Ion, 120-140 mile range crossover SUV built in 1997-2001. I saw it at a EV symposium in either Phoenix or San Diego in 1997 or 98. The only down side was the odd chartreuse paint job. A local Nissan dealer told me a wealthy recluse still has one up in the hills of Santa Cruz.