Video: Nissan of Italy Puts Out LEAF Decibel Commercial


At 21 decibels, the Nissan LEAF is quieter than a fan.

21 dB - That's How Loud LEAF Is

21 dB – That’s How Loud LEAF Is

Apparently, driving the LEAF is soothing and relaxing, according to this Nissan of Italy commercial.

The LEAF is the vehicle of choice for those who need or seek some quiet time.

It’s quiet.  We get it, but what’s the point of this commercial?  That we don’t get.

Do buyers buy vehicles based on how quiet they are?  We doubt it, but obviously Nissan thinks quietness sells or it wouldn’t have put out this advertisement.

What do you think of this LEAF decibel ad?


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Quiet cars are better for music enthusiasts with high end sound systems installed? Seems valid.

Yes, it’s true. Why do you think noise canceling headphones are so popular?

Sound on the video doesn’t work.

No, it’s just that quiet 😉

“Do buyers buy vehicles based on how quiet they are? ”
– – –
It’s one of the selling metrics. There are many luxury car commercials boasting how quiet they are.

It’s actually one of a series, which is found here:

That’s also why the message is so specific.
I doubt they are currently broad-cast on TV, or even meant for that.
I was very happy, anyway, (and a bit surprised) to see that they have quite a few views!

I think there are lots of people in Italy interested in EVs. But without subsidies (apart for a few hundreds available each year), it’s a bit of a tough sell.
In reality, even without subsidies, some of the best priced ones – the Leaf above all, I would say – are convenient, respect to gasoline and diesel ones, in the long run, due to the high cost of gasoline and diesel. So, I think the main problem is to make people realize that.

The great news, anyway, is that the competent ministry in the government is considering the introduction of a system of subsidies (maybe already from next year) similar to the French one, where funding is mainly collected through extra-charges on more polluting cars. In this way the financial advantage turns out to be even bigger (sum of incentives and penalization), without any direct burden on national balance. Let’s cross our fingers!

“Do buyers buy vehicles based on how quiet they are?”

Absolutely; and it’s not just how quiet, but the quality of the sound. NVH is so important that OEMs even quantify things like the sound of the doors closing, so as to leave the best impression on the customer in the showroom.

Speaking of silence… How many of us has, at some point, thought of “The sound of silence” in relation to EVs? Click the link if you like surprises… (Courtesy of Renault)

How many of us have…


Great, now I’m going to have that song stuck in my head for a week!

Pretty cool commercial, though. Thanks for sharing!

Yeah, I’ve been hesitant for a long time before sharing…but at some point I couldn’t resist!
But I warned you beforehand, anyway! LOL

I found another unexpected enjoyment while driving my LEAF. I live in Miami Florida and got caught in one of south Florida’s 10 mins monsoons rain storms. I turned off the radio and just listened to the rain drops hitting the car while I was driving and what a wonderful sound it was. So quite, but very unique. I am now finding myself drawn to to run out to the car when it starts raining and go for a drive..
Love my EV and TE..