Video: Nissan LEAF Takes on Formula One Racers in GTA IV


Only cuz it’s fun-day Friday, we present this Grand Theft Auto IV clip of a Nissan LEAF racing against the stiffest of competition: Formula One.

Nissan LEAF Pitted Against F1 Racers

Nissan LEAF Pitted Against F1 Racers

Fair warning…there’s some NSFW language, so you might want to put some earbuds in or turn down the volume.

We readily admit to finding this race rather amusing and were surprised by the LEAF’s finish.

As for how the LEAF slides around, we can only hope it fares better in the real world, though the tail-swagging seen in the video sure would make for an exhilarating ride.

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That was fun, but I bet there wasn’t much EV news today. Though, most people would be more inclined to Rockstar’s newer release. I completely forgot about GTA IV, and how it looked.

News is so overrated. ..Just kidding. ..Sometimes we like to show our lighter side

OMG why so much body roll? And why is it revving and shifting? Not the Formula cars but you can hear the whine from the Leaf actually shifting. And why were the Formula cars going so slow? Very strange, it is almost like the gave developers never actually driven a Leaf.
Now here, enjoy a proper racing game Forza 4 of me whipping gas powered cars in a souped up Leaf:

The way the suspension is depicted is nothing like the real thing.