Video: Nissan LEAF Gas Station Takeover – Free Gas Giveaway


In celebration of National Plug In Day, Nissan offered free gas at 4 fueling stations in the US.

The idea was to “provide local drivers with a taste of what it’s like to eliminate the cost of gas by offering free fill-up,” says Nissan.

We rather liked the idea, but giving away free gas wasn’t Nissan’s way of convincing ICE owners to switch to EVs.  Rather, Nissan encouraged those free gas drivers to “calculate their potential yearly savings from going gas-free using an online tool.”

This video shows what went down on that free gas giveaway day back in late September.

$44 Million Saved!!!

$44 Million Saved!!!

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They should offer $.80/gallon gasoline. That is about 1/3 to 1/4 of gasoline prices and what the difference of driving an EV is in many states with below average electricity prices.

+1. Electricity prices vary so much it is in the field, like this, where actual savings can be driven home.

I’m pretty sure the Hummer guy in the video still doesn’t understand the difference…or anything else not explainable in grunts.

GM/Holden in Australia explained in a very similar fashion how much gas its PHV could save:

Funnily enough, I guess most people are so used to dropping tons on money on gas, they don’t even question their vehicle’s expensive addiction… until, out of the blue, one time they get the precious liquid for free (or super-cheap).

Next up: some organization or utility paying for people’s utility bills, as an ad for solar? 🙂

They should have to also hold their breath so they know what it is like to not breath the pollution of burning gas, and remove their transmission because it would not be needed and their air cleaner, exhaust system etc.

Only fill them up as long as they can hold their breath. The Hummer driver would die.