Alex On Autos Checks Out Nissan LEAF e-Plus: Video

FEB 9 2019 BY MARK KANE 10

Still awaiting pricing and independent reviews now.

The Nissan LEAF e+ is not yet available in the U.S. so ahead of a full review expected in April, Alex On Autos gathered the most important facts about the 62 kWh battery version of the Japanese flagship.

The informative presentation concerns changes (mainly battery, motor and charging power), as well as expected prices.

Deliveries in the U.S. should start in Spring 2019, or just a couple of months from now.

Nissan LEAF e+ specs (vs. LEAF 40 kWh)

  • 62 kWh battery (+55% capacity over 40 kWh, 25% more energy dense lithium-ion cells, similar size)
  • 288 lithium-ion cells (compared to 192 cells)
  • battery limited warranty of 8 years/160,000 km (whichever occurs first) is standard
  • 364 km (226 miles) of expected EPA range (up 50% from 243 km/151 miles)
  • 385 km (239 miles) of WLTP range in Europe (vs. 285 km/177 miles)
  • 458 km (285 miles) of WLTC Japan range in Japan (vs. 322 km/200 miles)
  • 570 km (354 miles) of JC08 range in Japan (vs. 400 km/249 miles)
  • 160 kW electric motor (up from 110 kW) and 250 lb-ft (340 Nm) (vs. 320 Nm in 40 kWh version)
  • 70 kW (100 kW peak) fast charging using CHAdeMO (vs. less than 50 kW)

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Best reviewer in all of YouTube.

I am looking forward to Alex’s April review on The Nissan Leaf e+. His hands on driving review should be able to answer all of those still yet to be unanswered questions ( $ cost for US, etc. ).

I too enjoy watching AoA as he is very detailed! However, on this one I did beat him to the punch! I got to play around with the infotainment upgrade, check out my vid!

Jay Leno takes the EQC out for a spin:

Having 8000 miles on my 2018 Leaf it’s an interesting question (to me at least) how much more $$$ the 70 miles of range, marginally faster acceleration, and better charge rate I’d pay vs the 40kWh I got ($6000 under MSRP counting lease acceleration on my 2015 plus 0% interest)..

20kWh is a single 30 minute charge session saved, plus would make 200+ mile trips more doable as we Nissan drivers wait for the Chademo network to fill in in CA.

The acceleration is neither here nor there as for me 0 to 50 is all that matters for in-town driving and the 2018 is already a champ in this dept, as much as a FWD platform can be at any rate.

Faster charging is always good but hard to put a dollar value.

Best thing about paying extra for 60kWh is the useful lifetime down to 30kWh would be a much longer glide slope (in years and maybe shallower loss rate, too).

If that saves an $8000 reaplacement cost next decade, mebbe I shoulda waited a year for the 2019s…

As a former Leaf owner, I share some of your sentiment. My 2015 was a great little car for the 3.5 years we owned it, and performed admirably when some nucklehead rear-ended her and totaled the Leaf. My daughter was driving at the time and walked away without a scratch, and for that I will always be thankful.

BUT, now that I drive a Model 3 it would be hard to return to a Leaf. Chademo seems doomed to third banana status and even if the standard makes it, Nissan’s lack of TMS makes 100 kW+ charging speed unlikely. Combine that with capacity loss issues (our 2015 “Lizard” battery lost 10% after 35k miles), modest performance, and still having to deal with car dealerships and that more or less makes the decision for me.

Less than 1% of the population will ever be able to afford a Model S. Did you buy your daughter a replacement model S? IF you want a great family car get a LEAF or Bolt. if you want a great performance car get a Tesla.

MY wife just got a 2018 LEAF SL, every conceivable bell and whistle and factory option factory rep car for $26,000, only a few months old. It will last a lifetime. One of the most reliable cars ever made. Great car. The LEAF is what it is a great family car.

Excellent news for Nissan fans and families all over the world. One of the worlds most reliable cars will provide years of service. When you select your EV be sure to select one with at least twice the range of your daily commute so you will never run out of juice when you need the heat, AC or extra errands. ENJOY.