Video: Nissan Gives Update On LEAF Sales, Sees Ford As A “Real Threat”


2013 Nissan LEAF More Accessible To A Greater Number Of Buyers

2013 Nissan LEAF More Accessible To A Greater Number Of Buyers

In what can only be described as a extreme “home field advantage” scenario, Billy Hayes, VP of global sales at Nissan, still talks about the LEAF’s sales history and future outlook fairly candidly at Nissan’s Global Media Center.


  • 50,000 LEAF sales worldwide (:36)
  • on the death of EVs as published by many major outlets (1:15)
  • in the US, Nissan “can’t produce enough LEAFs today…” (1:54)
  • new LEAF pricing in play because “new customers (past early-adopters) unwilling to pay for green” (2:18)
  • hydrogen fuel cell cars – still a “future technology” (4:30)
  • more plug-in competition is a good thing, but “no one in the game the way we are” (5:00)

Also of interest, Nissan shows some love for Ford, and their pricing structure, which they feel is similar to Nissan’s.    The Japanese automaker sees Ford as “a real threat”

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Nissan and GM have opposite problems.

Nissan can’t sell Leafs in the US but CAN sell them in Europe.

GM can’t sell Volt/Ampera in Europe but CAN in the US.

but why?

Two things I learned from the video.
Pronunciation of internal combustion engine ICE (ais).
Nissan wants you to compare Ford prices to their product.

I really like all three Ford EVs though I think the 20 mile range is going to be short for the Fusion. Price wise, all three have a ways to go and Nissan knows it.

I just don’t see Ford as a threat to Nissan. I see Ford as more of a threat to GM/Volt.

PS I know the Leaf gets a lot of negs for its looks but I think it is a nice looking car. Especially w/ its custom wheels and the new photo angle (ie every shot does not have to be the “catfish mouth” shot.

I still like the Leaf and came close to buying one but backed out because I did not think it would make my 76 mile trip….and in retrospect I think I made the right decision. I really like my Volt. It’s PERFECT.

hahahah.. Nissan finally figured it out. “Customers aren’t willing to pay for green.” I’ve been saying it for years. The whole “zero emissions” thing is going the wrong direction. They need to figure out who their market is for the EV and concentrate on that. Specifically, people who like the convenience, the high-tech feel, the geeks and nerds, people who watch Star Trek (yes, I’m pointing the finger at myself here, by the way) and people who want to save money on gasoline. I mean, if you explain to people that you get a really cool, high-tech car that never needs gas, costs $199 to lease (plus tax, etc) and you save X amount on gasoline… it turns out to be a very affordable car. People need to see that.

So true David.
When I got my Volt I was always trying to figure out what to say to people when they come up and say “How do you like it?”

Finally I figured out that I can get the wheels turning just by telling them I can go 40 miles on a dollars worth of electricity.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Ford does in April when their marketing kicks in.

They have already started initial awareness marketing for the C-Max Energi. Waiting for dealerships to actually get some Fusion Energi models on lots before starting the Fusion Energi marketing. But the Focus EV is already there…so it’s marketing should kick in this month like the C-max Energi. My guess is waiting to announce the other Focus EV model, and market the new models and pricing/lease targeting the Leaf, like they do with the Prius v.

I can see it now. “$199/mo, same price as the Leaf S and charging twice as fast.”

What would help with EV adoption, would be a 7, 14 or 30 day ‘rental’ option. It wouldn’t be free, they would pay just like renting any other car.

But the rental would provide a mental comfort zone. So the potential customer can see how the EV can work in their current lifestyle and how much fun it is to drive. Along with seeing how much fuel they are saving, before making the purchase, or signing a 3 year lease.

I still think the Leaf battery loss could bite them in the future…. Hopefully the next model will have liquid cooling….