Video: Nissan Decides To “Sell ‘Em Where They Sell Best” – in Atlanta, Georgia


There is an old saying that goes something like:

“Don’t try to improve on what you don’t do well.  Do what you do best – better”

The 2014 Nissan LEAF Qualifies For A Cumulative $12,500 in Federal And State Incentives

The 2014 Nissan LEAF Qualifies For A Cumulative $12,500 in Federal And State Incentives

Apparently, Nissan is a big believer in this sentiment as the automaker made a dedicated ‘spot’ to selling the all electric LEAF in Atlanta, Georgia, the company’s number one market – in December Nissan sold almost 1,000 of them there!

Thanks to additional $5,000 Georgia tax credit! …although the video would have you believe a more altruistic reason is behind the electrification movement in Atlanta.

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Yeah, getting $5,000 plus $7,500 off your vehicle purchase is quite an incentive. That would put a base model Leaf at around $16,300.

I often wonder how the used market will work on these. When all of these cars start coming off lease, the resale values will be lower in cities like Atlanta so will the cars get transported to places like Texas that have no incentives?


FYI David,

The Texas $2500 state credit is due to start in April.

Oh, as long as you don’t buy a Tesla. Will work on a Hydrogen car (good luck finding one of those) or a Nat Gas car, or any of the big plug-ins, but has to be sold by a TADA rep.

we’ll send them to other states without the credits or overseas!

The $5k state rebate can be spread over up to 5 years, so basically *everyone* can use it without concern about their tax liability level. Further, you can take the state incentive EVEN IF YOU LEASE. You take $199/mo with $2k down, and that’s a total of $255/month if you think of it all as spread over the 3 years of the lease. Take the $5000 state rebate and spread it over 3 years, you can think of it as being $138/mo. $255 minus $138 is $117. That means it costs you $117 per month to own a LEAF in Georgia. If you have a very efficient 30 MPG-in-the-city car, and you drive 1000 miles per month (the lease terms are 12,000 per year, which is 1000 per month), you’ll pay $100 per month in gas, more if gas exceeds its current super low $3/gallon. Georgia Power’s EV night time rate is 8c/kwh, so at 3.5 miles per kwh, that’s $23. That means you save $100 (gas) – $23 (electricity) = $77 per month to drive a LEAF in Georgia. All in all, it costs you $117 (net payment) – $77 (fuel savings) = $40 per month to drive a… Read more »

We did a 2 year lease on 2 2013 Leafs in December. No money down, 15,000 miles a year, $225.00/mon on one and $259.00/mon on the other. We had a trade-in applied to one of the cars. Both are the same Model-S with SuperCharger Package installed. It was well worth the wait as earlier in the year most Model-S were not coming from the factory with the DCQC port installed, SO NICE!

If we decide to buy 1 or both of them the residual cost to us will be $14080.00. What a great deal in my opinion. With the $5000.00 State credit our out of pocket cost will work out to about $40.00/mon, not including the $500 a month in petrol cost that we have already seen with now driving 99% electric.

We still have a petrol Pickup truck for hauling our Yaks and Mtn Bikes through the woods, but in the past 30 days have only driven it around the neighborhood to keep the battery charged and the seals lubricated.

Nissan is smart to “milk” the Georgia Tax Incentives as much as it can while it is still “good” there….