Video: Nature Approves of BMW i3 – But Strikes Back Against ICE


Nature approves of purely electric vehicles, especially the BMW i3.

Bird Dropping on ICE

Bird Dropping on ICE

As for ICE, nature isn’t so kind.

This video, called Nature Strikes Back and put out by The Ecoist, captures the purpose of the BMW i3.  It’s the ultimate driving machine for those who “wish to protect the environment.”

The video starts off rather boring and it’s not until the end where we get a sense of the point being made: nature strikes back against ICE.

To be one with nature, you’d better be driving a pure electric vehicle like the BMW i3.


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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Guess automakers should figure out what combination of colors will cause constipation in birds..

Is that the EV grin on the i3 owner’s face after the bird poops on the ICE car?

Are old guys sporting soul patches the target demographic for i3s? If so, that’s an interesting contrast to the hard working dads demographic targeted by the Cadillac ELR commercials.

For me to poop on. Oh well, no point in wondering when sophomoric commercials will not be made, the answer is: never. Laughing, smirking, chuckling, at another’s misfortune, even a minor one is just childish.

boring? staring at a cool car isnt boring at all.

Very commendable move on your part TM!