Video: MTT 136 Electric is Track Technology Electrified


MTT – 136

MTT - 136 Pushing a Minivan

MTT – 136 Pushing a Minivan

That’s what this battery powered track is called.  And yes, it’s only a track.

It’s the invention of Quebec native Yvon Martel who’s trying to show the world how batteries, when paired with tracks, can plow through snow, tow, carry goods and basically do it all and then some.

Its max speed is claimed to be 25 miles per hour, though we’re not so sure you’d want to cruise along at such a high rate of speed behind this machine.

Range – dependent on battery selection – is listed at up to 130 miles.  Could you imagine a situation where you’d use the MTT – 136 for 130 miles continuously?

Yvon Martel is now seeking a manufacturer for his go-anywhere, haul-everything contraption.

In its final form, MTT – 136 may actually get two tracks instead of only one.  Again, this electric machine seems more than capable enough with only one track, so we see no need for doubling.

Aside from the myriad of uses shown in the video, what else can you think of that MTT – 136 could do?

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Reminds me of the portable engines from the 1800’s.

Put a platform on top to stand on, with a control stick– and you have a wilderness ready Segway. 😉

Are you kidding? This is genius! Great for back country life, but could become so much more, electric snowmobiles, plow/snowthrower, lawn tractor/mower, garden tiller/plow, who knows? Having the batteries and motors in the tracks allows you to have numerous platforms on top, or between them. I hope Yvon makes millions out of this.

I agree, genius. It’s an electric mule. It’s got lots of potential like DNA says.Be interesting to see how many pounds/newtons of pull the track has on level, dry ground. I can see smaller and bigger versions. gearing options to allow for more torque at the drive shaft. gang mounts so you can do tandem like the picture.

Looks like it would work as an aircraft tug summer or winter. Big problem in winter tires on tugs lose their traction on snow.

This thing NEEDS TO GET TO MARKET! I hope somehow without a manufacturer cheapening up the assembly. The potential for a durable version of this thing is infinite.