Video: Mr. Chevy Volt, Bob Lutz, Speaks Highly of Tesla’s Elon Musk, Model S and Low-Priced Tesla


Bob Lutz, former vice chairman of General Motors and spearheader of the Chevy Volt, sat down for some interview time with CNBC.  The topic?  As unusual as it might seem, Lutz was there to discuss Tesla Motors and Mr. Elon Musk.

Lutz’ words of praise started off like this:

Lutz Praises Musk /Tesla/Model S

Lutz Praises Musk /Tesla/Model S

“For the generalization of electric vehicles you really need three things.  You need cars that can go at least 300 miles on a charge. You need rapid recharging capability. And you need affordable pricing. So far, Elon Musk’s Tesla has achieved two out of the three. They are a long way away from mass-market pricing.”

Of course, Lutz, champion of the Volt and now a Fisker Karma supporter, couldn’t resist the urge to point out that he still believes extended-range electric vehicles are more suitable right now:

“I always say that the electric car future is definitely coming, because batteries will accept more charge, the cost of batteries will come down, fast charging will happen.  But the whole thing is five to 10 years away.”

Lutz did say though that Tesla is on the right track to widespread pure electric vehicle adoption.  As Lutz sees it, the 400-mile electric vehicle is when the general public will make that switch from gasoline to pure electric.  Lutz further says that this theoretical 400-mile electric needs to recharge in 20 minutes or less.

Far-Off Future Supercharger Network...Think End of 2015-ish

Far-Off Future Supercharger Network…Think End of 2015-ish

Lutz still pessimistically says that he’d be surprised if pure electric vehicles represent 10 percent of the total automotive market by 2025.

But when it comes to Tesla, Lutz seemed a bit more optimistic, though there’s still an underlying tone of negativity in his comment.  As Lutz stated:

People are not buying electric cars because they want to save money.  Tesla is riding a wave of very favorable publicity, and people are buying the car because it’s the cool thing to do.”

Looking for more Lutz-isms? Check out the CNBC interview where Lutz almost gushes over Musk and Tesla…Almost.

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13 responses to "Video: Mr. Chevy Volt, Bob Lutz, Speaks Highly of Tesla’s Elon Musk, Model S and Low-Priced Tesla"
  1. zilm says:

    Boring! 🙂 gimme monthly numbers!!

    1. Eric Loveday says:

      For some odd reason, sales figures likely won’t come out until tomorrow…We all have to wait one more day.

      1. zilm says:

        Ahhhhhhh it’s the end of a world! one more day 🙁
        Only ford is so vicious usually

        1. Eric Loveday says:

          Scratch that. Those figures are coming soon!!!!

  2. Nelson says:

    Bob mentions the reason the Model S is selling so well is because “it’s the cool thing to do”. He refused to acknowledge it is the best performance sedan in its class and price range.


  3. Nelson says:

    What Tesla is doing with the Model S and the “FREE” charging at “ITS OWNED” SuperCharging Network, is what could have happened if a company like Exxon bought a company like GM and offered “FREE” or more likely “discounted” gas to people driving GM cars. If the Tesla SuperCharging network spreads quicker than DC Fast Chargers, EV manufacturers may want to pay Tesla to use their fast charging technology and plug in their EVs so customers can use the Tesla SuperCharging network – “for a fee of course”.


  4. Martin T says:

    Yes Tesla have a nice package, interesting customizable interface / Large I-pad type screen, they could patent that along with the way they package the batteries.

    Lets hope future air batteries can bring costs down and finally someone get those super caps into cars for quick charging! 5-10 years way… Lets hope it’s sooner so more EV’s can be sold 🙂

  5. Warren says:

    It is true that a mass market EV will need 300-400 mile range, so people can do the commute to their part-time, temp job. Even if they have to fast charge half way, it will be quicker than the bus. 🙁

  6. James says:

    Can you imagine1907 horse carraige manufacturers going to the newspapers
    and saying – “for the generalization of horseless carraiges, you really need
    3 things: electric starting, the ability to go 200 miles between filling stations,
    and an affordable price”.

    To anybody that’s ever waited 20 minutes to fill up in the long line at Costco –
    just to save 10 cents per gallon ( why do people DO THAT? ) – I think a nice
    latte and reading the news on your tablet while juicing up at the clean, odorless
    charging station really sounds appealing.

    How shocked those carraige builders must have been when they either had
    to start building car parts or go out of business! Henry Ford started mass-
    producting Model Ts in 1908, and when Musk builds the $30,000 200 mile
    EV, it’ll be all downhill for the skeptics.

    Musk wants to buy Fisker bodies and stuff a V-8 in them, of course, he’s
    an old-schooler at heart, even though he co-fathered the Volt. Sure, we
    may have “unlimited” oil out there if we pay off politicians and frack until
    the cows come home…..If we’re willing to keep paying countries that hate
    our way of life – and funding the world’s most expensive military to keep
    patrol of our avenues to oil….

    Once economies of scale truly reach a tipping point wherein the batteries
    cost less – it’s all downhill for the infernal combustion engine. Notice how
    Mr. Lutz never mentions how little it costs to maintain an EV? The
    huge fear of automakers worldwide is that EVs will really take off in
    popularity, since their business model relies so heavily on spare parts
    and maintenance.

    1. James says:

      Correction: * LUTZ wants to stuff V-8s in Fiskers bodies…SORRY! Haven’t
      had my morning java yet!!!! Gotta go quick charge the Volt! 🙂

      Now WHERE IS that editing button………?

  7. Bill Howland says:

    Lutz to me is always a breath of fresh air. Musk is a bit too stilted for me. (I own both their products). “The fisker was half-baked.”. Exactly. I think he should take it over and finish the job of coming out with a good ev.

    1. Hov says:

      the tesla is the greatest car ever made, fisker will never be better than tesla, fisker is a failure

  8. Hov says:

    bob slutz is jealous of elon and tesla