Video: Motor Trend Pits Tesla Model S Against Bizarre Challenger…The 1956 Citroen DS-19


“It’s a once in lifetime match up as Jonny Lieberman pits the classic 1956 Citroën DS-19 against the ultra modern 2013 Tesla Model S. Innovation is the name of the game as conventional combustion collides with bleeding edge tech. Will the upstart American electric disrupt the tried & true French four-cylinder? Which of these two contenders will go down in automotive history as the true revolutionary?

Tesla Model S Versus Citroen DS-19

Tesla Model S Versus Citroen DS-19

That’s the blurb found on the You Tube page featuring this Motor Trend video of a head-to-head match up between the innovative 2013 Tesla Model S and the now woefully outdated 1956 Citroen DS-19.

This match up is as unexpected as you’ll ever witness in automotive history.

What do these two machines have in common?  Four wheels, a steering wheel and an adjustable air suspension.  We’re sure we’ve missed a commonality or two (windows and some pedals come to mind), but it’s the differences that make this match up so incredibly bizarre.

Which vehicle reigns supreme?  Check out the video to find out.

Motor Trend via You Tube

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Other than the development of lithium batteries for mobile devises, what distinguishes the Tesla S from the 56 year old Citroen DS? This video starkly points out we are still stuck with a 19th century idea of transportation.