Here’s What MKBHD Learned About Tesla Repair Process: Video


Marques Brownlee’s Tesla Model S “Apollo” has been resurrected.

If you’re not aware, back in November, a truck hit tech guru MKBHD’s Tesla Model S. Needless to say, it ended up in the shop for quite some time, with about $40,000 worth of estimated damage. Clearly, Brownlee wasn’t thrilled about having Apollo out of commission and unavailable for three months. However, it opened up an opportunity for him to share the situation, and more specifically, the repair process with us.

For those unfamiliar with Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), he has single-handedly established a YouTube channel with a massive amount of followers (about 8 million, along with some 2 billion views). It all started with some tech reviews back in 2008. Anyhow, Brownlee does a tremendous job of reviewing products and simplifying things in a way that everyone can learn and understand.

With that being said, we were very excited to learn about the Tesla repair process through Brownlee’s eyes. He talks about the timeframe, the insurance situation, parts, etc. Keep in mind, Tesla does not do body work, so you have to find a Tesla-approved body shop to take care of the repairs. Obviously, this particular shop in New York that Brownlee relied on was first-rate. In fact, it even had all the necessary parts in stock! Check out the video for all the enlightening details.

Have you had a Tesla repaired after a collision? How does your experience compare to Brownlee’s?

Video Description via Marques Brownlee on YouTube:

Apollo is back! Here’s what I learned about the Tesla repair process…

Original crash video:

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Lol, I watched this the other day. What’s effectively door and side panel damage cost $50k!!!! to repair. (Insideevs once again didn’t seem to have watched the whole video where he mentions they tacked on an additional $10k after the initial estimate) Oh, and they repaired the front paint chips of his car for “free”. hahah.. free..

In other words… that collision shop took the truck’s insurance company for a ride. I’d love to see the list of repairs they actually performed on this car. This is a $130k+ car… but as far as I know, the doors, panels, and frame aren’t any different than the cheapest model S.

Somebody got gyp. $40K for side panel repairs? LOL.

$40K I can buy a Model 3 Mid Range or Two Prius C’s.

That’s a lot of Benjamins!

The damage can be far more extensive than it appears from the outside. For example it looks like the motor subframe was damaged.

At last June’s shareholder meeting Musk said they were bringing most auto body repairs in house and would be able to turn jobs around in a day instead of the lousy third party body shops that take weeks or months.

Wonder what ever happened to that?

Some service centers can replace body parts, but they do not do any body work such as sheet metal, frame, fill, sand, paint, etc.

Kinda makes you wonder what the insurance companies are thinking about situations like this.

No wonder, they are increasing the premiums like crazy. This is not a cheap car any way you look at it.

Yeah you really need to watch it because some state minimums for policies are like $25k. So even if you are lucky enough to get hit by someone who has insurance (a declining trend in southern border states due to our current immigration situation) their insurance may only cover half the repair costs!

I’d have cashed out and gotten something with a steel body, Aluminum labor rates average double that of steel for starters.
Looks like the trucker insurance company got taken for a ride but never fear, they’ll just raise their rates!
Come resale time is where the car will suffer, an accident is an accident and the value will suffer.