Video: Mercedes-Benz Releases B-Class Electric Drive Commercial


Words aren’t necessary in this Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive commercial put out by M-B.

B-Class Electric Drive

B-Class Electric Drive

There’s no story being told.

No specs posted.

Nothing to go on.

But it still works for us.

It’s the classic show-the-vehicle, drive-the-vehicle, show-the-vehicle-some-more advertisement.

It’s simple, no frills advertising, but since the B-Class Electric Drive is still a relative unknown to the public, we find no fault in Mercedes-Benz attempt to draw in some attention.

We wish Mercedes added a few descriptive details to the video, but since the automaker didn’t, we’ll post those for you below:

  • 7.9 seconds from 0 to 62 mph
  • B-Class seats 5
  • The B-Class has a vast cargo hold
  • B-Class Electric Drive has “Tesla Inside”
  • 28-kWh pack in the B-Class is good forย  ~ 90 miles
  • The B-Class Electric Drive will launch first in the US in Spring 2014

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Why EVs design can’t be nicer? This is one thing Tesla got it right.

I hope those kids washed their hands. We don’t need a bird flu epidemic. ๐Ÿ™‚

Why are they putting the B-Class ED aside in the back ground. All I see is a chain of actions of unrealistic lifestyles that no one can relate with. The video focuses more on the actors smiling and looking and what not than the car. These are the type of ads that runs cold shiver down my vertebrae.

I don’t know if this makes me want to own a Mercedes B-Klasse Electric Drive or not, however I’m thinking that not going to work sounds great.

If MB is serious and competitively prices the B-class ED, it will give a run for the i3’s money. Bring in the e-Golf and we can sit back and watch the fun ๐Ÿ™‚

“28-kWh pack in the B-Class”

Is that 28-kWh usable or total size?

if that app is using the same tech as the smart ed app then it will suck ass

Need a larger battery pack than 28kWh. If they had gone with a 50+ kWh and a range in the 150 mile target, it would be unbeatable – replacement for the minivans – short commutes, hauling families, etc. 90 miles still creates range anxiety for most consumers. I love my Leaf but still want more range but not for $80-95k.

I would also like to see a larger battery pack or at least an option for a larger battery. I’ll bet they would sell a lot more 40-50 KWh packs than the 28 KWh model. I don’t know why Tesla is the only one that gets this. 90 miles isn’t nearly enough range. Even if most people drive less on an average day, some days they need more.

Everyone gets it, but only Tesla had the balls to make a $70k+ EV that has the budget for a 60/85 kWh pack.

The LEAF tripled in sales with a $6k price reduction. That’s how sensitive low end EV sales are to price. Heck, even the Altima would probably lose 80% of its sales with a $6k price hike.

I think it’s much more productive to focus on a cheap range extender. Get the cost down to $2k (should be easy), and you get 90%+ mileage electrification, more usability than a 150 mile pure EV, and lower cost.

Quirky artistic advertisement aside, the car looks quite good. Its specs are quite comparable to my Leaf. As long as it has CCS fast charging support, that 28kWH battery should be just fine for me. But I would also ask, is that 28kWH useable, or total? I would assume that 80% of it is useable.

Funny that you should be the only one that thinks it looks just fine, of course, coming from a leaf owner, it makes sense! :0 sorry, had to say it.
But having that crest, it will sell.

Looks like the guy just got laid off?


I thought it was funny how they plugged their other cars in this commercial. The Smart ED and that Fuel cell car too. Overall, I thought it was lame and I would’ve turned the channel after 5 seconds.

“B-Class Electric Drive has Tesla inside!”.

I hope the Tesla stuff here is better than the Tesla stuff in the very unreliable Rav4EV, including the Tesla Stuff.

Knock on wood, my Roadster has been ok, although the fans run out of grease too soon, and the electronics module plugs up too soon, but driveability is fine so far.

But it was a somewhat different company designed by different people, and different management when my Roadster was designed.

Looks good MB a nice EV city car.
I think this will work if the price is right….

The problem with trying to advertise “seats 5” is that there seems to be a rule in advertising that you can’t actually show 3 in the back of a car, because that’s always going to look cramped. Maybe show 2 and space, I guess.

(It seems even minivans and and mid-sized or larger SUVs get advertised with only 1 or 2 in the back, unless they’re transporting a soccer team, because showing a large family would make people think you should only get one if you have a large family and that would just not do.)