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Remember When Tesla News Was About Actually Making Electric Cars?

Remember When Tesla News Was About Actually Making Electric Cars?

There has been a lot of talk recently about the Tesla Model S.  Specifically, who drove it where? And for how far the electric car could truly travel in the cold weather before needed to be towed?  A debate that saw Tesla CEO Elon Musk and New York Times writer John Broder go toe-to-toe over who was making up stories about whom.

Next week, the conversation will be even more intense, as Tesla reports its latest quarterly earnings after the market closes on Wednesday, February 20th.

But in the meantime, lets remind everyone of what Tesla set out to do.  Make the fastest, longest range, all-electric luxury sedans on the planet; at one of the world’s most advanced facilities, courtesy of a 45 minute documentary by the National Geographic Channel.

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George Bower

Great Video:
The robots pick up and set down tools then move the welded door panel to the next station.

When installing the glass sun roof the computer takes a topo of the top of the car before installing the sunroof in order to get exact placement!


Great video!